Polish soup with sauerkraut and egg

Very thick, naughty and incredibly simple and warming. It would seem that this soup in Polish without embellishment, but if the first is necessary in your diet, then the recipe should be kept in your bookmarks: in the fall and winter, a plate of such hot will be exactly on the table necessary and beloved.

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
meat (loin bones)600 gramsBacon (smoked)100 gramsSauerkraut300 gramsCelery (stalk)2 pieces)Bulb onions2 pieces)Carrot1 piecePasternak (root)50 gramsGarlic2 teethWholegrain flour2 tbsp.Ground paprika1 tbsp.Paprika (smoked)Pepper Peas5–6 piecesSugar1 pinchBay leaf1 piece
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  • Servings:
  • Step 1..

    Cook rich meat broth. Bone loin, one bulb of onion, a couple of celery stalks, carrots put in a saucepan, pour cold clean water, add allspice of peppers and bay leaf - bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the temperature and cook for 40–45 minutes.Ready broth strain.

  • Step 2..

    Boiled pork cut into bones and meat. Filet postponed, remove bones.

  • Step 3..

    In a separate saucepan, sauerkraut squash - pour boiling water (about 1 cup), boil until the liquid has evaporated to two-thirds.

  • Step 4..

    Chop the second portion of onions with feathers, cut parsnips and bacon into strips, fry in a hot frying pan.

  • Step 5..

    Add slices of bacon to browned onion and bacon - fry again.

  • Step 6..

    In a meat dressing, sift whole grain flour (you can substitute rye), mix, so that the flour, onions, meat and bacon are well oiled.

  • Step 7..

    Add the boiled sauerkraut to the strained broth, season the soup with a stew of vegetables and meat, bring to a boil, reduce the temperature and continue cooking over low heat for 10-12 minutes. At the end of cooking, salt and season with ground paprika and a pinch of sugar.

  • Step 8..

    When serving ready-made soup in Polish garnish with slices of boiled egg and smoked paprika. In authentic versions, there is a supply with sausage.

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