Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

The best, beautiful and touching poems for Easter 2018 for children and adults are available on our website and are always available for free download. The collection contains very rare Easter works, rhymed lines of famous Russian poets and wonderful congratulations dedicated to the great Christian church holiday. They can be learned by heart, and then on the eve of the celebration, recite aloud to friends, relatives or colleagues. Such a statement will make a great impression and inspire everyone who heard it, for good charitable deeds and good deeds.

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Those who live in other cities and countries, it is appropriate to send poetic Easter greetings with a classic letter, telephone or internet message. This small sign of attention will be greeted with gratitude and will give the addressee joy and a lotpositive emotions.

Short and long Christian poems for children on Easter - texts on Sunday of Christ

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

This section contains short and long Christian verses for Easter for children. These texts, dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ, can be memorized by adults with the help of adults, so that later on the day of a beautiful, bright holiday it can be recited to parents, friends and relatives. Adults always come to the delight of such touching children's speeches and even remove young readers on their phones, in order to later boast to friends and colleagues with their talented, intelligent and well-bred sons and daughters.

For boys and girls of preschool age, short works of 1-2 verses are more suitable. Children will easily remember such number of rhymed lines after 2-3 rehearsals, and then with an expression they will read at the right moment.

Children of 7-10 years old will quietly cope with memorizing long thematic works and will be able to perform with them not only in their home, family, but also in the class at a thematic matinee.

Examples of short and long children's Christian poems for Easter

It's time for us to celebrate Easter,

You take the egg soon

I'll tell you about the holiday

Very important for people,

Many years have passed since then,

As Jesus Christ is risen,

He protects us all,

He looks at us from heaven,

We remember him today,

Having prayed at the table,

And, of course, the testicles

We will break with you!


In Easter kulichi mountain

And there is a lot of fun around.

Joy, happiness, kindness -

Christ's Day of Resurrection.


What a joyous miracle

Heralds me to my brother.

Can I buy a gift?

Maybe something will be handed over?

This miracle is not simple,

Unable to touch.

But, about this miracle, you can

In our church tell.

Early in the morning at dawn

Jesus Christ is Risen!

Praise, adults and children

Give thanks, angels from heaven!

Praise all the fields and mountains

Oceans and seas!

Everyone is glorifying today

Resurrection of the king!


Easter holiday - bright, clean,

The day Christ was resurrected ...

Joy sunshine radiant

Smiles from heaven.


The sun has risen

In the fields beyond the river.

The morning has come

Already blue.

Birds chirping

In one ecstasy

Glorify Christ

For His Sunday!

Kids you also

Praise Jesus.

He broke that morning

Death bonds!

Optimistic short Easter poems for SMS

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Fun, short and optimistic Easter poems for SMS greetings are perfect.The compact format allows you to send them in one message, without spending extra money on it. It is possible to greet in this way relatives, friends, colleagues and other people who are in the circle of constant communication.

It is appropriate to send a holiday sms-ku and those with whom in real life it is rarely possible to cross. This touching and cute sign of attention, flown on the phone or smartphone, will surely please the addressee and warm his soul with warm, sincere and joyful emotions.

Variants of short, optimistic poems for SMS-congratulations on Easter

Happy Easter, congratulations.

I want strong health.

Live without need, without misfortune

In love and happiness for many years!


Happy Easter, congratulations.

You good, I wish you warmth.

May the Lord protect you

Joy comes to the door!


I congratulate you on Easter,

Favorable let it be fate

Heaven let them protect from troubles

Your soul is kept alone!


Cakes and dyed eggs
Sanctify and let you be rewarded!
Happy Easter, daughter, congratulations!
May Christ protect from harm!


Here comes Easter,

Gave a meeting with God,

I want to wish you

Never lose heart!

Christ is risen - short beautiful Christian poems for Easter

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

The long phrase “Christ is risen” begins many short, beautiful Christian poems on Easter. These beautiful words from century to century repeat millions of deeply religious people and laity in all corners of the planet. Despite the simplicity and ingenuity, this expression acts inspiringly and instills in everyone who hears, hope for a bright future.

Beautiful short poems on the day of the beautiful bright holiday can greet relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is best to do this after returning from the solemn service of the morning, when all the loved ones come together for a tasty Easter meal. Such an unusual performance will produce the most favorable impression and fill the hearts of all those present with inspiration, happiness, love and divine grace.

Collection of beautiful Christian poems in honor of the feast of Easter

Christ is risen! Truly Risen!

The sun gilded the blue of heaven.

The bell-ringing grows in the sky,

Christ is risen! Sounds from all sides.


Happy Easter, Congratulations on the Great Day,

May grace come down from heaven,

Love, hope, faith I wish you all,

Christ is risen! Truly Risen!


I say - Christ is risen!

And I wish you happiness,

Blessing of heaven

I foretell you today.


Christ is risen!

World Orthodox echoes,

Christ is risen!

And in the sky the sun rises,

Christ is risen!

The bells are ringing

Christ is risen!

And faith in us is alive.

Christ is risen!

White dove flies up

Christ is risen!

And we are with daily bread.

Christ is risen!

Giving us forgiveness,

Happy Easter to you

With the Resurrection of Christ.


Christ is risen! Congratulations

Happy Easter! Let it hover

In my heart love and purity

Let the beauty surround!


Christ is risen! And joy reigned,

And in the whole world, happiness flourished,

It sparked with kind love

And in every house it came unexpectedly!


Let you have a little doubt

Do not stay in this glorious hour

I wish you only joyful excitement

May the Lord live in your hearts!


Orthodox short poems on Easter for children

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Touching Orthodox short poems on Easter for children should be chosen by parents, educators, or teachers. It is necessary to take into account the child's age, his ability to memorize texts and interpersonal skills.After all, not all babies can safely be in the center of attention, fearlessly speaking in public and loudly, with the expression of reciting rhymed festive lines.

A shy child with a subtle spiritual organization needs to find a small lyrical text with a beautiful, optimistic content. For better memorization, parents should rehearse all the couplets with the baby several times and make sure that sincere, beautiful rhymes literally bounce off their teeth. The first performance is better to organize in the family circle, where the child will feel more comfortable. A successful debut will delight mom, dad and other relatives present, and prepare the kid for reading poetry at the children's matinee in honor of the beautiful and bright Christian holiday.

Types of Orthodox short poems in honor of Easter for children

I wish that the light golden

Your soul is filled soon

To make the whole world clear, kind, clean,

And to live all the people more fun!


May this Passover give happiness to many,

May God send health to all,

And if necessary, it comes to the rescue,

From you let them take away all the troubles!


Wake up at dawn

Bell, loud ringing.

The smell of cakes will fill

Your lovely, warm home.


On the day of Christ's Resurrection

I congratulate you dearly,

I wish that ray of light

The Blessed One did not go out.


Happy Easter! Congratulations!

Spring rushing into the house.

Her arrival to you I wish,

After all, tired of all winter!


Let your faith help

Through life, walking joyfully,

Let nothing hurt

To love, hope, dream!


I wish you happy Easter,

It is fitting to hold a holiday,

So that the heart was sweet -

Good luck in life's journey!


I wish Easter to celebrate,

So that you never forget.

Let the luck come,

Luck and fun awaits.

Funny short greetings in poems for Easter for relatives and friends

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Funny, funny short Easter greetings for relatives and friends should be prepared in advance. The older generation will be happy, optimistic and cheerful holiday poems filled with joy and positive. Young people and middle-aged people will certainly like funny, humorous couplets dedicated to the great church celebration.

It is appropriate to say a poem of greeting out loud when meeting in person with friends, family, acquaintances, work colleagues and neighbors on the porch.If you want to congratulate a large number of people, and there is simply no time for phone calls and appointments, you can send a funny congratulation in the form of an SMS-message to several addressees. This convenient option is supported not only by progressive smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, but also old-fashioned phones. The person who received the day of the beautiful holiday, sweet, gentle and pleasant sms-ku even from a distance will feel your sympathy and will necessarily send in return good congratulatory phrases and good wishes.

The list of short funny poetic greetings from Easter to friends and relatives

Easter day beams shine

Church bells are playing in the morning.

The Lord sent light to all people

A gift for everyone - all planets.


Forget people are all hurt

Goodness and happiness you ask.

And the way today is in the day of Christ,

A dream come true people.


Morning. Spring sunday

Many are asking for forgiveness today.

In the church crowd go boldly

Rolls and eggs are with him.

Today it is time to light them,

Worn, runs all the kids.

Our holiday is bright,

Up, up to heaven, I want to shout

Christ has risen!


Christian holiday is great,

Today, Happy Easter!

Health and well-being,

Honestly wish people!


Let bypass the troubles

Bypass the evil adversity

Christ is Risen - so we will say to everyone

I wish you health and sunny weather!


Holy melody shines Sunday,

After all, the bright holiday of Easter has come,

We wish you great luck,

Do not worry in vain, for no reason.


Let your fortune sparkle with happiness,

Love will fill life with good in full,

Let joy and wealth overflow the cup,

Good luck every moment, let it be true to you!


Ringing bell - to heaven.

With the resurrection of Christ,

With the news of this blessing.

Peace to all, love, peace.


Enlightened to all of you

Delicious painted eggs

And air cakes,

And happy, good days.

Long Christian poems in honor of the feast of Easter

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Lyrical, long Christian verses in honor of the feast of Easter are great for reading at various solemn events dedicated to the divine miracle - the Resurrection of the savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. Children of preschool and school age, boys and girls, students of higher educational institutions, employees of offices, organizations of companies and institutions, deeply religious Christians and laity who do not often attend church, but respect Orthodox traditions, can declaim such works.

The main requirement for long poetic works in honor of Easter is a clear rhythm, optimistic content and the minimum number of difficult to pronounce words. For kindergarteners and elementary school students, works of no more than 3-4 verses are best suited. Children of 5-10 years will easily remember such volume of the text and at the right moment will be able to read it loudly and with expression.

Young people and middle-aged people can easily cope with memorizing 5-8 verse verses. It is appropriate to come up with such a touching and beautiful number at any gala event at the university or at work. The speech will be greeted with applause and will be remembered for a long time both by the performers and the guests attending the celebration.

Variations of long Christian poems on the occasion of Easter

I will walk slowly through Dolaros

And on the Calvary mound I will rise.

Here the world is vanity and darkness of vices

In a deadly fight, Jesus overcame.

He died painfully and long.

He is God's Lamb, Truth, and Light.

Among the spiritual, crazed orgies

The Salvation Testament was written to us.


From the torn wounds of the divine Body

The blood of Christ flowed into the dust of the earth.

And it hurt every cell,

Hanging on the crossbar.

Transcending our mind

Love of infinite depth

God loved us in the fire torments

The human soul did not detract from the price.


He committed salvation benevolently

And it pleased God completely:

Victoriously, the power of hell took away

And a sting of death to the tree nailed.

His suffering in joy turned

For those who received the gift of Christ:

God's mercy surrounded them,

And they glorify Jesus with their lips.


Indeed, in every drop of blood precious

Love is a holy grace

And in the triumph of the victory unchanged

The Living Church goes to the eternal City.

There, in the heavens, where the Lamb is crowned,

Where is the glorious Throne of the Lord of all worlds,

A feast for the Bride-Tserkov is prepared

And why blessings blood.


God loved the world so much that He gave the Son

Not spared, giving to the cross.

There is only one reason for this:

For us, He died and rose for us!


When Christ was crucified on the cross,

The enemy of the soul sought to break His Spirit

But, dying in the throes of death, holy,

He begged the Father to forgive the enemies.


Christ is risen, having broken the bands of death,

Destroyed enemy cows and gates.

Captive he lifted up into heaven with honor,

Not causing us pain and harm.


We are saved in the death of Christ's cross.

Sins from the soul are washed away by His Blood.

He forgave us and gave us the joy of the song

Hope, faith in God's love.


After the resurrection, Jesus called us "Children"!

And there is advice, which is very simple:

Do not expose your soul to death

Crucify the “I” so that Christ lives in the heart.


On the bright holiday of Sunday

We come to the ministry

To give Christ a boon

For victory on the cross!

He went after us for flour,

Himself under the nail putting his hand

Having endured with separation from the Father,

Doing what God wanted!


Death horror endured,

Dead and risen again

All the obstacles overcome,

We opened the expanse of heaven!

In gratitude for the salvation

On the Day of Christ's Resurrection

Give praise to Christ.

Say: Christ is risen!

And we sing: Christ is risen!

And we shout: Christ is risen!


Christ is risen! Exult all nations

Dissolve hell and death defeated

Christ is risen! Sky broadcast

He is alive! And this joy is given to us!


Christ is risen! Praise songs flow

Psalm sounds in villages, cities

In all the ends of the earth that message rushes

Through the centuries, centuries and years


The message that stirred up the world then

Lives in the hearts of the saved by faith

And with the resurrection of the darkness of yesterday night

Disappeared forever and the soul sings!


No one can destroy faith

That He is alive, that there are, and that which is to come

Christ has risen to us joy gave without measure

Nobody will take it from us!


Dumped stone! Gloom and doubt

No more! Light shone forth from above

Christ broke the bonds of death, corruption

And they are forever justified you and me!


Rejoice in the joy of the heart of the saved

Psalm chant, proclaiming the message

Christ illuminated by the rays of glory

Death won! Has risen! Christ is risen!


Christ is risen! Souls of my Joy,

My Savior, Hope, My Life!

He trampled death, dissolved the bonds of hell

And he took the prisoners to the heavens!


The fact that He was resurrected is always jubilant!

He put His life in My Life!

I live with Him and only triumph in Him,

I praise him, sing him a song!


Christ is risen! Risen! Neither death power,

Neither the power of darkness nor all His enemies

Neither a strong cold grave -

Do not hold my God!


And let the slaves of sin, enmity and corruption

They say that there is no Christ, that he did not live,

Let the victims of darkness, disbelief and doubt

They say that resurrection is only a dream, -


Christ is risen! The soul surely knows

That He lives, and I will live with Him!

Christ is risen! That message does not stop!

He is alive! He lives to give His life!


Christ is risen! Oh believe this word!

Christ is risen! "But did you rise with Him?"

Sin and death He broke the shackles

And he entered heaven. Are you following Him?


He brought the light! “But does the light shine in you?”

He gives life! - Have you taken His life?

Christ is risen! Immortality crowns

His Christ! Have you received His gift?


“Christ is risen!” - here is the message of all the more!

"Christ is risen!" - my soul reiterates.

“Christ is risen!” - and the mind goes on saying the same.

"Christ is risen!" - so the Word says!


Christ is risen! Hope shone,

And the fear of the power of death has disappeared forever!

Christ is risen! New life has come

For all in whose heart Jesus is risen!

Beautiful poems for Easter with kind congratulations

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

The most beautiful poems for Easter with good greetings and wonderful wishes should be dedicated to the closest people, for example, parents, grandparents and other middle-aged and other relatives. In order to correspond to the idea of ​​a holiday, the words in the text should sound very sincere, joyful, sublime and inspiring. Only then will they penetrate into the very heart and stay there for a long time, warming with their warmth, touchingness and tenderness.

Collection of beautiful poems and congratulations on Easter

Let the holiday is bright and great

Fill every home with happiness

And the heart is clean and open,

And with faith firm, and the cross.

Let there be light, Jesus is risen!

Good and happiness, and miracles!


Easter is bright!

I wish you warmth

Peace, light, vigor,

Beauty and slimness.


Be healthy for years

Do not be sad in the days of bad weather.

Happiness will be where you are.

Bright blessings to you and love.


I wish Easter this holiday

Goodness, wealth and comfort!

May God give you bright colors

To give color any minute!


Let there be a lot of light in life

And the sea of ​​joyful moments,

Soul heat will be warmed

Today, this day is spring!


Christ is risen! And with this miracle

I'm in a hurry to congratulate you now.

May His grace come

In all that surrounds us.


I wish you happiness, of course,

Faithful love and long years

Bright moments of precious,

Bearers of life's heyday.


Bright Sunday holiday,

Quiet your house is knocking

And fun reigns in the soul,

In the heart - faith and peace,

And come the gracious,

The day of accomplishments and miracles

When everyone answers you:

“Yes, truly, he is risen!”

Easter poems and greetings from Russian poets

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

Beautiful, inspirational Easter poems and greetings from Russian poets Konstantin Rocher,Apollo Maykov, Konstantin Fofanov, Wilhelm Kuchelbecker and Sergey Yesenin sound lyrically, touchingly and sublimely. It is pleasant to read them on greeting cards, to listen at the moment of the recitation at the children's matinee at school, to read aloud at the solemn event held at the enterprise, in the organization or office. The lyrical melody of these marvelous lines could not be more consistent with the light holiday and fills the soul and heart with joy, happiness and the feeling of God's grace.

Several poems and greetings on Easter, written by Russian poets

Bell dormant

Woke the fields

Smiled at the sun

Sleepy land.

Blows raced

To the blue skies,

It sounds loud

A voice in the woods.

Hid behind the river

White moon,

I rang the bell

Frisky wave.

Quiet valley

It drives away the dream,

Somewhere behind the road

The ringing freezes.


Sergey Yesenin


Everywhere the gospel hums,

Of all the churches, the people are down.

Dawn is looking from heaven already ...

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

From the fields already removed cover of snow

And the rivers are torn from the shackles,

And the green forest is green ...

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

Here wakes the earth

And dress the fields,

Spring is coming, full of miracles!

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!


Apollo Maykov


To the chant of Easter prayers

And the sound of bells

Spring is coming to us from distant

From the midday edges.

In a green dress

Dark forests thrive

The sky shines like a sea

The sea is like heaven.

Pines - in velvet green,

And fragrant resin

By scaled columns

Amber flowed.

And in the garden today

I noticed how sneaking

Cross the lily of the valley

With a white moth.


Konstantin Fofanov


On the Resurrection of Christ

My soul, rejoice and sing,

Heir to the heavens:

Christ is risen, your Savior

Truly resurrected!

So! Hell before strong exhausted:

From the deathbrows

From the night of the death of the Son God

And with him you raised up.

From the light of the eternal Lord

Descended into a dwelling of darkness

He put on a feather, dressed in flesh -

May we not perish!

Unspeakable love

All the sacraments are high!

For us, His holy blood

He spilled from the cross.

Pure blood of his

We, the fallen, redeemed

From torment and the coffin of the networks

And the power of the dark forces.

Christ is risen, my Savior

Truly resurrected.

Rejoice the soul; He is before you

Opened the gates of heaven.


Wilhelm Kuchelbecker


Christ is risen! He is the king of the worlds

Mighty kings Lord,

He is all humility, all is love,

For the sinful world of holy blood

Spilled like an angel - a redeemer!

Christ is risen! He gave people

The covenant of all-forgiveness

He gave grace to the fallen

And for holy convictions

He ordered to suffer, as he himself suffered!

Christ is risen! He announced

That on earth all men are brothers

He renewed the world with love,

He forgave his enemies on the cross,

And we opened our arms!

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

Let these joyous sounds

Like the singing of angels from heaven,

Dispel anger, grief, torment!

Connect all the fraternal hands,

Hug everyone! Christ is risen!

Konstantin Roche

Beautiful congratulatory poems with Easter - short very rare texts

Poems for Easter 2018: beautiful greetings and for memorizing with children

The most beautiful congratulations and Christian poems for Easter 2018 - a simple but very nice gift for the great church holiday - the Resurrection of Christ. You can present such beautiful rhymed lines to relatives, friends, close and distant acquaintances, colleagues and any other people you want to greet on this bright day.

It is appropriate to learn a few short works with children, and for older students, students and adults to pick up longer rare texts written by famous Russian poets. Lyrical poems will inspire everyone and will create a bright, joyful and optimistic atmosphere around them.

A selection of short rare texts of poetic greetings with Easter

I wish you happiness on Easter,

Beautiful, joyful minutes,

Love, kindness and many caresses,

Let all things go easy.


“Christ is risen!” Sounds in the hearts of the people of all Orthodox,

Proclaimed in heaven is our most important holiday.

We will wait for the first star, and we will break our fast,

Jesus will smile from heavenly heights.

A miracle of miracles happened, because death is no more.

Christ is truly resurrected - we will hear back.


May God bless

From evil and evil let him protect

Give happiness and good,

The holy resurrection has come!


Christ is risen! Truly resurrected!

I send my congratulations on Easter.

I wish you faith, hope and love,

Welcoming Christ's Resurrection.

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