Plastic pipe cases

Well, when a thing has its place and case, protecting it from mechanical damage and dust during transportation or storage. Consider how and from what you can make original cases for storing, for example, an expensive drill with a diameter of 45 mm and a gas burner. Case for a drill.
plastic pipe cases
plastic pipe cases
plastic pipe cases
For its manufacture you will need the following tools and materials: - tape measure; - pliers; - awl, 4 mm in diameter; - marker or pencil; - sewer pipe, 50 mm in diameter and 1 meter long; - connecting sewer coupling, 50 mm in diameter, 1 in number; - plug for sewer plastic system, 50 diameter mm, in the amount of 2 pieces; - nylon tie, with a width of 3 mm and a length of 50 mm - 4 pieces; - screws, 3 mm thick and a length of 20 mm - 4 pieces.
Assembly order: 1.On the flat end of the sewer pipe, through a standard rubber seal, put the coupling on to the middle of its length. 2. On the side of the coupling at the junction with the pipe, put 8 marks under the holes: - 4 marks should be equidistant from each other along the circumference; - next to these points, at a distance of 10 mm, draw another 1 hole. 3. With an awl, make holes in the marked places with a diameter of 3 mm. 4. Using couplers, connect the coupling and the pipe. Tighten them as much as possible with pliers and bite off the sticking ends. 5. Insert the cap into the pipe with the transition element and fix it with screws. 6. In the free end of the fixed coupling, install the rubber seal and sandwich its inner diameter with emery paper, until the cover is securely fixed in the case. Ready for storing long objects with a diameter up to 50 mm and a length of 1 m. In this way, tubas of various sizes and designs are made from an extensive list of sewer systems. Case for gas burner. List of necessary tools and materials: - soldering iron for connecting plastic plumbing systems; - scissors for cutting pipes or a hacksaw; - pencil and tape measure; - awl; - plastic pipe, 20 mm in diameter, and 0.2 m long; - plug for plastic water pipe,with a diameter of 20 mm, in an amount of 2 pcs. Assembly order: 1. At one end of the pipe solder plug. In the absence of a soldering iron, these parts can be connected with a gas torch. To do this, for 15 seconds, warm the inner surface of the plug and about 10 seconds, the outer part of the pipe at the junction and quickly, until it stops, put a plug on the pipe. 2. Melt the inner surface of the other cap and deform it until it is conveniently put on the other end of the pipe. 3. In the cover-stub, make holes to reduce the concentration of gas in case of leakage from the burner. This case reliably protects the contents from damage.

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