Plastic bottle frog - photo how to make

Plastic bottle frog

Plastic bottle frog

If you are lucky and you are the happy owner of a summer cottage, then you probably want to turn it into a heavenly place. How to decorate your garden?


Of course, you can buy everything in the store, decorate flowerbeds with decorative stones, lay out paths, arrange garden sculptures. But at the same time, it will cost a lot of money, but looking is not very original.


Each cottage can boast of gnomes or fairies, and in fact it is your garden that should be unique. Make decorations for the garden with your own hands, it's so easy!


How to make a frog from plastic bottles


Let's try, using the materials at hand, to create original and cute figures of frogs. As you know, they are able to bring good luck and attract money to the house.


The more green people in your garden, the more green notes will appear in your wallet. Let's start our master class! We need a couple of bottles of 2 liters and one 0.5. Also useful is a small coil of copper wire.To give a beautiful shade to our frog, purchase green and yellow plastic paints. It will be more convenient to work with an aerosol.


We will create a pretty face with a thin brush and acrylic paints of yellow and black colors. The first stage of the work is the creation of a frog's torso. We will need two blanks, for this we cut the bottoms of two-liter bottles, the width of one will be 5, and the other - 4 cm.


To make an equal slice, pre-draw a line with the marker. The most difficult moment comes: on the remaining bottle we draw 2 frog legs (you can find a stencil on the Internet). We paint over all the resulting parts with green paint, give a good dry.


Plastic bottle frog


We form the body of our frog. A smaller blank will become a head, a large one will be a trunk. We pierce it from the sides with an awl and with the help of the wire we attach the legs. Then tightly insert one part into another. It remains to draw a pretty muzzle to our inhabitant of ponds.


Show your creativity! To please children, add a character to the fairy tale. From a small bottle, cut out the crown, the cork will become the base.Paint it with yellow paint and attach it to the head with a wire. Well, now a real frog princess has settled in your garden.


It is possible to make a figure in a simpler way, besides, it will be not just a handicraft for the garden, but a small functional box in which you can put, for example, spare keys. For the manufacture we need two bottles, it is desirable that they were green, and we did not have to paint the body of the future frog. In addition, prepare adhesive tape, awl, zipper, thread, markers.


Plastic bottle frog


Getting started. We will need the lower parts of the bottles, so we wrap them with tape at the right height, we make a cut along the upper border of the tape. In this case, the duct tape replaces the line drawn by the marker. After we have created two blanks, we pierce them through an adhesive tape with an awl. These holes will be needed to sew up the zipper to the plastic. Remove the scotch tape, fasten the buttoned zipper to the two halves, fix it with adhesive tape.


Now you need to sew a zipper. We try to make the stitches neat and beautiful. Remove the clips, we got a nice button-up box.However, it does not resemble a frog at all. It's up to you, show your creativity and transform the craft.


You can simply draw a muzzle using waterproof markers. Convex "frog" eyes can be excellent from old cork painted in green. In general, if you work a little, apply all your imagination and creative energy, then this simple product made of plastic bottles will be a great decoration for your garden.

The frog is the simplest animal that can be independently made from plastic bottles. There are crafts and more difficult - for example, a butterfly, a bee or a pig.

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