Pipe Luminaire

Materials and tools:

  1. a cardboard (or PVC) pipe with a diameter of approximately 8 cm;
  2. LED strip (or LEDs with resistors);
  3. wires;
  4. rake;
  5. power supply (12V adapter);
  6. screwdriver and screws;
  7. soldering iron;
  8. glue gun;
  9. spray paint;
  10. saw.

Step 1

Let's draw a sketch of the lamp: the number of pipes, the size of pipes, the form of the lamp and outline the places of cuts in the pipes.

Step 2

According to the sketch, we cut off the pipes of the right size and shape, the edges of the pipes are scratched. Pipes will be put together in the shape of the future lamp, also on the pipes we will paste sheets of paper with projected cuts in the pipes.

Step 3

In the designated places do cuts in the pipes. Then we collect the lamp, gluing the pipes together with a hot-melt gun.

Cut a few racks, they will be required to connect the pipes and fix the lamp to the wall. The pipe to the rail fastened to the screws.

Step 4

We paint the lamp in several layers, we wait until the paint dries.

Then we cut the LED strip into strips, solder the wires to them and install the LED strip inside the pipes, draw the wires through the drilled holes in the back of the lamp. We connect wires together in pairs: "-" with "-" and "+" with "+"; and connect to the power supply.

Fasten the lamp to the wall and turn it on.Pipe Lightis ready.

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