Picking the right glasses

Recently, modern glasses have ceased to be only a device for correcting vision, they are increasingly becoming a stylish accessory that successfully complements the image you have created. In addition, almost all of us use sunglasses, which, in addition to the function of “hiding eyes”, perform an important role of protection against ultraviolet radiation, as well as the appearance of premature wrinkles!

Why do you think the majority of world celebrities are so actively using this indispensable accessory? No, of course, to hide a person from obsessive paparazzi is one of the reasons, but at the same time, they are well aware that the correctly chosen and sufficiently darkened lenses can delay the moment of appearance of “crow's feet” and traitorous folds on the forehead for a long time.

Choosing the perfect glasses

One way or another, but recently the border between medical and sunglasses has practically faded, and the process of selection of both should be approached as carefully and carefully as possible.

And indeed, the whole process of selecting a successful frame or convenient lenses in a store can take an infinite amount of time, and it's almost impossible to choose something on Internet catalogs, because it's extremely difficult to decide on a picture without even trying on a model. In order not to waste time and not to be mistaken with the choice, there are several parameters and criteria according to which it is enough just to pick up glasses for seeing or against the sun.

A common mistake when choosing any glasses is to concentrate all the attention on the appearance of the accessory; convenience and practicality go to the second or even the third plan, which is absolutely wrong and can lead to the most dire consequences.

Incorrectly selected lenses or inconvenient shape of the arches can lead to frequent headaches, sudden drop in vision, dizziness, and sometimes even the formation of serious illnesses, such as cataracts or retinal dystrophy. In order not to be in such an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to carefully consider all the factors listed below.

Glass or plastic?

Among most people there is the opinion that good glasses should be made of glass.This is a common misconception; in fact, the choice of a particular material for lenses should depend, first of all, on the scope of application of a specific accessory.

The frame must be of high quality.

For example, most manufacturers of fashionable sunglasses are increasingly giving preference to plastic, since they are much lighter and more practical, and in their quality they are not inferior to glass. In addition, the glass, most often, is much more difficult to apply the necessary special filters that protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

And, by the way, although not all of the ultraviolet, and part of the glass misses, in order for the protection to be complete, it must be covered with protective filters.

If you choose glasses for sight, then the question becomes somewhat different: glass lenses, although they are quite hard and heavy, look a little thinner and sleeker than plastic ones. Therefore, glass glasses with the same number of diopters will be visually thinner, which is quite an important aspect for those who are primarily interested in appearance.

In fact, the lower your refractive index, the thicker you will need lenses that will strongly distort facial features, in such cases, of course, it is better to give preference to glass.If you want your glasses to weigh less or you are a representative of active professions, for example, athletes, then stop your choice on plastic models.

The important point is the quality of the frames and lenses.

Anyway, when choosing glasses for vision or against the sun, one should not pay attention only to the choice of lenses, the materials that make up the frame, as well as its convenience and aesthetic component, are very important aspects that should influence your choice. The spectacle frame can be metal, plastic, or a combination of these two materials.

Plastic is usually cheaper and easier, most often used in sunglasses. If you prefer this material, it is better to purchase frames from nylon or Kevlar, as they are the most durable. Metal frames are mainly made of hypoallergenic alloys, so those who suffer from allergic reactions to plastic may be suitable.

Choosing glasses, make sure that they do not put pressure on the temples or the nose, because, over time, such models can cause headaches.

Do not forget to pay attention to the color of the frame, which most often coincides with the color of the lenses.By the way, the color of the latter, according to experts, greatly affects the psycho-emotional state of a person: green shades soothe nerves, and brown and gray shades are most favorable for vision.

Colored lenses - orange, pink, blue - are considered dangerous for the eyes, so if you have problems with it, it is better to refrain from such decisions.

Aesthetic component

Naturally, when choosing any glasses, you want them not only to protect well from the sun and improve their eyesight, but also to look appropriate to your appearance and image. In many ways, the correct shape of the glasses for a particular case depends on the shape of the face, and, of course, on the length of the hair, the shape of the hairstyle and other unique features.

The form should fit your face.

However, in the first place, it is necessary to make a start exactly he is of the type of a concrete person, there are five main ones - round, oval, square, triangular and elongated. In order to determine your type, you need to go to the mirror, comb your hair back and compare your face with a geometric figure, choosing the most appropriate.

  • A round face is characterized by full cheeks, smooth bends and a rounded chin.In this case, the glasses that visually stretch your face, make it slimmer, and your eyes more, will look perfect. The best fit square, rectangular, angular and slightly elongated shape of glasses with wide bows.
  • The oval face is the happiest in this respect, since almost all kinds of glasses are suitable for it, the cat's eyes, butterfly glasses and rectangular lenses, which will best emphasize your broad cheekbones, will look most profitable.
  • A square face is characterized by a rather "heavy" chin and a broad forehead, in order to make it visually slender, it is necessary to select frames with smoothed corners. The "cat's eye" frame will look best.
  • A characteristic feature of the triangular face is a narrow chin and a fairly wide forehead. The frames, which visually enlarge the mouth too small, will harmoniously look, thereby balancing the face. Butterfly glasses, droplets, or cat eyes are best.
  • The outstretched face in its outlines resembles a rectangle with slightly smoothed corners, in the case of such a shape it is necessary to visually reduce and soften the face.Oval, square, rectangular or aviator glasses are best suited, as long as they are large enough. The small size of the lenses or rimless glasses will look extremely ridiculous, even more pulling the face.
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