Patchwork in the interior: patchwork style

In modern fashion and in the trend itself, things done by hand, that is, by hand, so it’s no secret that many girls, in order to keep up with fashion and current trends, urgently begin to master the basics of handmade work, in order to boast exclusive works done personally. One of the techniques that has become popular among fashionistas is called “patchwork” or, more simply, a patchwork technique. Thanks to the patchwork technique using textiles, you can decorate any product.

Patchwork is truly considered to be universal art, because there are no definite boundaries for its production, so in any interior you can make and choose furniture covers, curtains, wall panels, and rugs. In addition, the use of tiles, linoleum, wallpaper, upholstery of furniture with a pattern stylized as patchwork is allowed.

Textile accessories patchwork in the interior

First of all, patchwork is a fabric. The breadth of using the quilting technique is amazing.With your own hands you can make bedspreads and pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, carpets and curtains, covers for upholstered furniture and panels on the wall. Start with small details, for example, several decorative pillows and a small rug next to the sofa.

Original pads on the chairs, as well as the use of tacks, towels and napkins, sewn using the technique of quilting.

Patchwork Furniture

Patchwork chairs and sofas will look great not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom and even in the children's room. You can sew your own hands or covers at once in the patchwork technique, or a large canvas, from which only then to cut the details of the upholstery. If it is difficult to sew full-fledged covers, then you can make simple blankets on the back and seat, or decorate the furniture with small patchwork pads.

Paul patchwork in the interior

Manufacturers of ceramic floor tiles also often use patchwork in their collections. You can even create your own pattern, reminiscent of patchwork, from colorful tiles or pieces of multi-colored linoleum.

Walls of patchwork in the interior

For wall decor, you can use both woven fabrics and tiles or wallpaper.

Manufacturers of wallpaper produce ready-made wallpaper in a patchwork style, but you can make such a decoration of the walls and yourself.

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