Pants-pipes - a thing that everyone should have

Nothing colors women's legs like trousers-pipes. They emphasize the silhouette favorably, make the body curves more expressive, thus creating a sexy image that makes men turn around. Therefore, fashionable women enjoy wearing this stylish thing, and with its help they create elegant outfits that look perfect in the office and in a more relaxed atmosphere.

What kind of style?

Trousers pipes are also called “cigarettes” in a different way. They are narrow pants that fit tight legs. Classic models have a straight cut and can be with arrows, and while they do not stretch.

There are trousers pipes a little widening to the bottom. And there are styles made of fabric with elastane, which gives the model a more flexible form. These pants differ in length.

History of

For the first time this style of trousers appeared in the 50s of the last century, when it replaced the wide pants with arrows in the style of actress Katherine Hepburn.And the post-war crisis affected their appearance, then there was a shortage of not only food, but also industrial. Therefore, designers had to save on materials, and invent new models.

In the 80-90s, the "pipes" lost their relevance, then the trousers and bananas were popular. And today, tight pants triumphantly back into fashion thanks to such eminent brands as Gucci, Prada, Brioni, Etro, Kenzo, etc.

Not only the harmonious go

Such a fashionable element of clothing would like to wear any girl. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to wear these pants. “And to whom will they go?” Many of you will ask. "Fife" will ideally sit on a slim figure, but not necessarily at the same time have a model appearance. Stylists do not recommend wearing this style to girls who have big buttocks, full legs or too wide hips. In this case, the "pipes" only emphasize all the flaws of the figure.

On the other hand, a narrow straight cut visually makes the camp slimmer, and if you add studs to the look, your full hips will appear smaller and your short legs longer. Look at how Kim Kardashian wears such pants, which, as you know, is distinguished by very outstanding forms. She constantly wears studs, which makes her look taller and more subtle.So if you are by nature not at all skinny, try to put on yourself "pipes" with high heels.

Pants-cigars will look good on thin girls, and it does not matter whether they are high or not. Look narrowly at such a model may have a "rectangular" figure or those who have narrow hips. Unlike trousers, fully fitting figure, for "pipes" it is not necessary to have perfect hips and legs.

This item of clothing has different styles, so depending on the physique you can choose such that they look advantageous. For example, if you want to emphasize a waist, then choose model with high landing. In order to visually enlarge the hips, purchase a fit with tucks on the belt. But the short girls are suitable pants with arrows, which visually lengthen the legs. Also, such a model will slightly stretch the silhouette of beauties with rounded shapes.

The shortened version of the "pipe" is ideal for girls with high growth, but miniature young ladies should be careful to wear such a model, because the silhouette will seem more squat.

Light and dark - always stylish!

Black or navy trousers are the classics of business style. They are perfectly in harmony with the contrasting top - light blouses, shirts or jackets.

White pants-cigarettes look very impressive and fashionable. Therefore, be sure to take this piece of clothing with you on vacation - for an evening promenade along the embankment or a hike through boutiques.

Bright colors of narrow pants - ideal for fashionistas who are not afraid to experiment with different colors. Such models are combined with a neutral top pastel colors or with blouses and tops of saturated colors. This season, floral patterns are very popular. A bright print on your pants will make your image unforgettable and set off from the crowd.

Narrow trousers in neutral shades are casual attire. Beige, pale pink, gray, peach, light green, blue - these colors look incredibly stylish, but at the same time elegant and restrained. They are in perfect harmony with various items of clothing, such as tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans.

Perfect combination

What is the best way to wear such pants? "Fife" is well combined with many things. The combination of narrow straight trousers and a fitted jacket always looks elegant and advantageous.And this ideal combination is used in their outfits by such world celebrities as: Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and other stars.

Silk shirts, fitted turtlenecks or tank tops look harmoniously with such pants. But no less stylish are combined free sweaters or voluminous blouses.

If you decide to wear “cigarettes” in men's style, then a strict shirt or jacket will be better suited for them, and shoes will look perfect from shoes.

It is worth emphasizing that such pants are considered to be a universal style and you can wear them both at work and at ceremonial events or trips to the cinema. The main thing is to pick the right top and the appropriate shoes.

This season in trend of high-waisted trumpets, which look very impressive with cropped tops, T-shirts and sweaters. Long models of T-shirts and blouses do not forget to fill in the pants to emphasize the slender camp. And to complete the image stylists recommend wearing a narrow strap.

As an outerwear for such pants fit a fitted raincoat or coat length just below the knees. This image is perfect for a business setting.In other cases, a warm short jacket or sheepskin coat will work well.

Tight pants are not recommended to wear with sneakers or sneakers. Now this is not at all relevant. A good combination is obtained with ballet shoes, shoes, sandals or ankle boots with high heels. In the colder time of the year, high narrow boots will look beautiful, with trousers tucked inside.

Trousers-puffs not only will decorate your figure, but still add to you charm and sexuality. Try models of bright colors and do not listen to the opinions of others, the main thing is that you like yourself in a new image!

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