Pansy beads: a master class

Pansy beads: a master classBeadwork came to us from ancient Egypt. It was there that skilled craftsmen decorated clothes, wove jewelry, made hats of multi-colored glass. Then after a while this art migrated to Venice and since then, bead jewelry, various products, always remained in fashion and did not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone can do this thing, you need only a little patience, basic skills and the necessary set for needlework. We will tell you how you can make beautiful home decorations or a unique gift for loved ones.

Making flowers from beads

Such orchids, no doubt, like your guests. They will be a real decoration of any interior.

For the manufacture of flowers from beads you will need:

  • light and dark red and silver beads;
  • glass beads for the middle;
  • scissors, brush, glue, nippers;
  • threads of green color;
  • fine and coarse wire.

Pansy beads: a master class

Next, use the French weaving, make a round sheet of ten rows. Then fix the edge of the wire at the top.Pansy beads: a master class

Make two petals. That's enough for one flower. Do not forget that you need to secure the product so that it does not lose shape in the future. For this you need to take the wire and "stitch" the petal from the wrong side. Now you can proceed to oblong leaves. They need 3 pieces. To do this, dial 8 beads on the main thread.

Fix and recruit another one. It needs to be fixed between 1 and 2 next. We make eight such rows. Then we take two wires of 20 cm and 30 cm. On the main axis we collect 8 beads and make a leaf of 4 rows. Then we attach a leaf of 20 beads to it.Pansy beads: a master class

We make a center of silver beads. It can be done less or more, as you like. I took 10 beads for each of the 4 petals, between which I fixed glass beads.Pansy beads: a master class

Now all the elements for completing the flower are ready and you can assemble it. In turn, fasten all the details as shown in the figure.Pansy beads: a master class

Next you need to make another 1 flower of the same size and 2 smaller ones. They are made in the same way; you only need to slightly reduce the amount of beads in the petals. The middle remains the same. It remains to make a bud. For it you need to make 3 oval petals.Which are then twisted and fixedPansy beads: a master class

Now proceed to the stalks. To do this, fix the end of the wire in a flower or bud, thread with a glue and tightly wrap the wire. So do with all the colors. Clay should dry well. After that we collect the whole composition together.Pansy beads: a master class

It turns out that's such a beauty! Perhaps it will be better to help you understand the video bead making technique:

How to make pansies from beads

Pansies are very delicate and beautiful flowers. You can make them in any color scheme. As you can see in the figure, they can be red, white, yellow, blue with various centers and leaves. All the envy of your imagination and invention. But if you want to create a more realistic composition, use natural colors.Pansy beads: a master class
First you need to make petals. They come in three kinds, but they all start at the top, as indicated in the diagram.

For one flower you need two upper and one lower leaf. Then proceed to the leaves.Pansy beads: a master class

You can make three such leaves for each flower. Or evenly distribute them in a bouquet. It all depends on your desire.

Bead Pansies: weaving patterns

Pansy beads: a master classWe offer you another interesting version of bead pansies. Flowers turn out very beautiful and elegant, as in life.
To do this, we put on 1 yellow wire and 2 beads on the 50 cm long wire, make six loops of beads, then attach another wire. Each petal is fixed with 2 more yellow beads.Pansy beads: a master class

The ends of the wire are threaded and tightened. Thus, we have a curved petal.Pansy beads: a master class

We still make exactly the same petal and fasten it to the first. Then according to the scheme we make two smaller leaves.Pansy beads: a master class

Next, we make two more small petals, join them together and fasten well.Pansy beads: a master class

After that we put everything together.Pansy beads: a master class

As you can see, different variants of weaving leaves are shown here, and one can be used, it will be much easier for beginning needlewomen.Pansy beads: a master class

We put the finished elements on the wire and we wind it with green threads, which we pre-wet with glue.Pansy beads: a master class

As you noticed, even children can make such beautiful flowers from beads. Therefore, if you like this kind of needlework, get down to work and you will definitely succeed. First, make one small flower, and then you will be able to even a large bouquet.The main thing is to have a desire to create.

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