Pancakes with Norwegian Salmon

Photo: archive of the press service of the restaurant "Kalina"
Refined vegetable oil150 millilitersLemon1 pieceCapers1 pieceHerbs (fern dry)20 grams
For the test
Milk200 millilitersWheat flour100 gramsChicken eggs1 pieceSpinach20 gramsSugar1 gram2 grams
Cheese (curd)40 gramsCheese (smoked Adyghe cheese)50 gramsSour cream10 gramsDill5 gramsGinger Root2 gramsSalmon (smoked Norwegian)60 gramsCashew Nuts5 gramsDried tomato15 gramsSoy sauce5 gramsSesame oil2 gramsCilantro2 gramsGarlic2 gramsCapers2 grams
For the sauce
Fish broth100 millilitersShallot15 gramsCream 33% fat50 millilitersGarlic5 gramsProcessed cheese30 gramsPepper Peas (Mix of Five Peppers)20 gramsOlive oil50 millilitersUnsalted butter10 gramsOyster Sauce5 gramsThyme2 grams3 grams
For batter
Wheat flour50 gramsChicken eggs1 pieceSour cream20 gramsWhite wine (dry)20 milliliters100 millilitersTabasco3 gramsSugar2 grams2 gramsGround black pepper2 gramsProvencal herbs1 gram
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:30 minutes
  • Cooking time:25 minutes

We tell how to cook Norwegian pancakes according to the recipe of Alexander Yugra, the brand chef of Kalina, Sesame, Trump`lin restaurants in Sochi and the chef of the Norwegian team in the film “Kitchen. Last fight".

Cooking method:

Prepare the ingredients. Cut the salmon into sticks and put into the refrigerator. Prepare fish broth and lemon chips. Cut a thin slice from whole lemon, put it on a wooden plate, sprinkle with salt, a mixture of Provencal herbs and leave to dry, turning over periodically.

Cook the dough. Thaw spinach and squeeze out excess moisture. If it is fresh, then grind it. Mix all the remaining ingredients, add spinach and bake pancakes in a hot cast-iron pan, with the addition of vegetable oil

Next, cook the stuffing. Mix cottage cheese and Adygei cheese. Add sour cream, dill, chopped ginger root and chop with a blender to a thick mousse.Put in the fridge.

Cut tomatoes into arbitrary large segments and mix in a hemisphere in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped garlic, ginger root, cilantro, salt and sugar. Put in preheated to 130 degrees oven for 25 minutes. Fry cashews in a dry frying pan (for three minutes)

Make a sauce. Grind shallots and garlic. Fry in a mixture of olive and butter (for two minutes), then add the mixture of peppers and continue frying for about a minute until a strong odor appears. Immediately after this, pour brandy and set on fire. Wait until the alcohol is evaporated and the flame goes out.

Add fish broth, evaporating for two minutes. Pour cream, oyster sauce, add cream cheese, petals of fresh thyme. Salt and simmer for three minutes. The sauce needs to be served warm.

Prepare the decor and batter. Boil the fern in fish broth, add salt, pepper and a sprig of thyme. Mix all ingredients for batter and with a mixer turn into a homogeneous thick mass. When the fern is ready, put it on a napkin to get rid of excess moisture.Heat vegetable oil in a skillet, dip the fern in a batter and fry in oil (10 sec.).

Put cheese mousse, salmon, cashew nuts, dried tomatoes and capers in the center of the pancake. Roll up roll and cut into three parts. Add bamboo fried in wine dough, decorate with lemon chips and caper with a stem.

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