How to ask for help

How to ask for help right? Not everything in life turns out the way you want. Sometimes to get what you want, you just need to ask for help, but sometimes it is so difficult! And how to learn to do it right, without.

How to dry cherries

How to dry cherries? Many people do not have the opportunity to enjoy fresh berries in the winter. But to recall the taste of summer, you can eat dried. And how to properly dry the cherries to make it tasty and retain its benefits?

12 V Auto Charger

12 V automatic charger This is a very simple scheme of the console to your existing charger. Which will control the voltage of the battery charge and when it reaches the set level, disconnect it from the charger, thereby preventing the battery from overcharging.

Workshop band saw

Workshop band saw The band saw is used for sawing wood products, plywood, fiberboard and MDF. There are varieties of it that can dissolve the logs on the boards. Professional band saw is most often used in large and medium-sized industries, where the speed.


Casket Every woman has favorite jewelry. They are convenient to store in caskets - then they will not be lost, and will be at hand all the time. Caskets are different - metal and wooden, plastic and woven, and I suggest you make a.

Homemade noodles

Homemade Noodles Any mention of delicious food is accompanied by a “homemade” commentary that everyone can understand. The hands create masterpieces of culinary mastery, mouth-watering and unforgettable dishes. A little more time spent in the kitchen, and the pleasure of having dinner will make.

Ribboned Shorts

Ribbed Shorts Perhaps every person can find old clothes, which have long been asking for scrap. Often, people immediately throw out old blouses, shirts and jeans instead of giving them a second life. This master class will not only help you step by step.

DIY wooden rug

Wooden rug {do it yourself} Crafts, Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Cheap, Accessories This wooden rug can be made with simple tools, but it is advisable to useprofessionaldrill, circular, etc. Before you start, you need tomark on the barthe required number of items for the rug.


Dahlia When you dress a black and white dress for any party or a black and white suit for a business evening, you always want to add such an outfit with some additional zest. This is either a hoop, or brooch, or a hairpin.

Openwork scarf

Openwork scarf When the cold comes, you have to wear a lot warmer and remember things like a scarf and hat. Many women of fashion suffer greatly because of this, since it is not always that they can pick up warm accessories that would.

Lift TV

Lift TV This homemade dress perfectly reflects the modernity of our time. Imagine: you press the button on the remote control and the TV appears. They looked - they pressed the button - the TV hid. Of course, someone who boasts to friends, this.

Unusual cocktail recipes on March 8

Unusual cocktail recipes on March 8 The festive table for March 8 consists not only of appetizers, salads and desserts. In addition to the original delicious dishes, guests are looking forward to bright cocktails with or without alcohol. Today we will tell and show.

Nicoise - a popular and tasty salad

Nicoise - a popular and tasty salad Salads are present at any festive table, but if you are tired of the popular, then try to cook something unusual. Delight and surprise your relatives or guests with the original and delicious Niçoise salad. What is.

How to increase the energy of the human body

How to increase the energy of the human body We will begin, of course, with ourselves. If you find it difficult to build relationships with people because of uncertainty, you should first of all do the enhancement. Having designed your room in accordance with.

How to bring it to the registry office

How to bring it to the registry office First, let's look at the reasons why men generally begin to think about marriage? Reason number 1: improved financial position "Dowry" in the form of the state of the parents, living space and other bonuses attract.

Bouquet of Peonies from Paper

Bouquet of Peonies from Paper A bunch of paper peoniesare bright and beautiful peonies made of corrugated paper. Materials and tools: yellow colored paper; white and pink crepe paper; wire; scissors, glue. Step 1 The yellow sheet of paper is cut into rectangles. Rectangle.

How and where to relax in the summer cheap

How and where to relax in the summer cheap Hello dear readers! In the article we will look at an interesting topic of how to relax in the summer by the river, in the forest or in the mountains. When the summer season begins.

Maslenitsa and Lent in 2019

Maslenitsa and Lent in 2019 The topic of today's conversation will be Maslenitsa and Lent in 2019. I decided to talk about this for a reason, since many people in our country are interested in when the events listed above will be held in.

Dermoid ovarian cyst

Dermoid ovarian cyst This is a female disease, unfortunately, today, according to statistics, every fifth woman who has a cyst was diagnosed. This type of neoplasm refers to germ cell tumors of a benign nature.Dermoid ovarian cyst, photoUltrasound can be found on the network.

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