A simple way to make a bird feeder

A simple way to make a bird feeder A simple way to make a bird feeder- a master class, we make feeders of different shapes to take care of the birds, especially in winter. Making such a feeding trough does not take much time.

You suffer from loneliness

Do you suffer from loneliness? My friend Michael is obsessed with finding his second half. He believed that his desire was completely legitimate and inspired by God, and therefore he often quoted a phrase from the book of Proverbs: “He who found a good.

Plastic Pipe Cases

Plastic pipe cases Well, when a thing has its place and case, protecting it from mechanical damage and dust during transportation or storage. Consider how and from what you can make original cases for storing, for example, an expensive drill with a diameter of.

Picking the right glasses

Picking the right glasses Recently, modern glasses have ceased to be only a device for correcting vision, they are increasingly becoming a stylish accessory that successfully complements the image you have created. In addition, almost all of us use sunglasses, which, in addition to.

Folding wooden staircase

Folding wooden staircase Foldable aluminum ladder in the building store of my city is not cheap. That's why I decided on this master class in order to make a ladder made of wood, which will not be just as good as purchased, and maybe.

Puzzle Arrow in a Bottle

Arrow in a Bottle Puzzle Choosing a tree for an arrow. There are special requirements for a tree. I took a piece of pine from the old bed. Before you cut the arrow you need to pay attention to where the layers of the.

Remarriage: Pros and Cons

Remarriage: Pros and Cons On the second marriage in society to think is not accepted. Not a single girl and no young man thinks that if the first time fails, then the second will need to change something. And of course, every young man.

We grow smart hair fast

We grow smart hair fast Many dream of long and beautiful hair. But what to do if nature is not rewarded with such, or in a fit of emotions you cut off your long hair? How to become the owner of chic curls? Causes.

Terry violet bead

Terry violet bead To make a terry violet made of beads: - Beads No. 10 of the preferred color, in this case blue, blue, green and a little yellow; - Wire 0.2 or 0.3 mm thick; - Florlenta or green floss threads; - Clay.

What are change houses

What are change houses? There are such living conditions, when you need in the shortest possible time to organize affordable housing, which had all the conditions for normal living. To do this, produce temporary cabins, which are easily transported and can be transported to.

7 most awaited serials

7 most anticipated TV shows The summer season is not rich with serial premieres, but then we are waiting for great shows that can not be missed. "American Gods" The loudest TV project of the near future, the screen version of the best-selling book.

Sweet Heart Box

Sweet box-heart In order to make an interesting craftwork - a box-box in the form of a heart for Valentine's Day, you will not need special skills, but only your desire and time. So, what we need: paper for quilling, plain white paper, plain.

Felt phone case

Felt phone case Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have a mobile phone. These little helpers have firmly entered our lives, and are not going to leave it anytime soon. In order for the phone to last a long.

Felt Toy Cheese

Felt Toy Cheese Toys made of felt are considered the safest for children, and if they are sewn with the hands of mother, then also the most beloved. As a material, felt looks great in products, it is easy to sew from it, it.

How to open a pawnshop

How to open a pawnshop? Is it profitable to open a pawnshop and how to open a pawnshop? A person who is lazy and nervous will never think about how to open a pawnshop. In this not so quiet kind of activity you will.

How to let go of love

How to let go of love Many centuries ago, the wise King Solomon understood the price and value of parting, the price and value of entering a new phase of life. He wrote the following lines: Everything has its time, and the time of.

What is ems-training

What is ems-training? Constant human desire for excellence and body health, the presence of a healthy mind in it, leads to the improvement of methods and simulators. The popularity of a new type of training, such as EMS-training, or EMS-fitness, is due to many.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most ancient breeds common in Northern Europe. This is a large cat with a half-length of wool, which almost did not change its appearance over time and as a result of selection work.

Season Winter

Season Winter Winter is an amazing time of the year! The inhabitants of far from every country have the opportunity to get to know him, and such an ordinary thing for us as snow seems to them to be a real natural wonder. Therefore.

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