Making a cover for a cloth book

Making a cover for a fabric book Making a cover for a book from a fabric- making a book cover using embroidery motifs. Materials and tools: cotton fabric Lining (fleece fabric or batting). Step 1 Removing sizes - Getting the exact size Height: measure.

Great garden path ideas

Great garden path ideas Agree that the summer cottage with paths looks neat and well-groomed. And to make them yourself is not so difficult, especially since there are a lot of materials for construction today, for every taste. It is summer, and it’s time.

How to attach a garland on the window

How to attach a garland on the window? Garland is a great Christmas decoration. She pleases both children and their parents with their appearance, brilliance and brightness of multi-colored light bulbs. All those who have ever used it as a New Year decoration understand.

Top 10 of the best films about the invasion of aliens

Top 10 best films about the invasion of aliens Almost nobody saw the aliens, but films about their invasion of the Earth are removed with enviable constancy. And some of them deserve your attention. Top 10 most interesting films about aliens: "Faculty". Of course.

Homemade heated insoles

Homemade heated insoles Many of us are familiar with the situation with wet or frost-free footwear. This phenomenon can lead to diseases of colds and joints. The usual warmed insoles on synthetic fur or a synthetic winterizer have effect of accumulation. When they are.

Classic Oatmeal Cookies

Classic Oatmeal Cookies Oatmeal cookies- a classic culinary recipe for oatmeal cookies. Ingredients: oatmeal 1.5 cups (1 cup = 250 ml); butter 50 g; 0.5 cup sugar; egg 1 piece; You can add nuts, chocolates, berries to taste. Cooking First, make oatmeal. From 1.5.

How to dye the fabric at home

How to dye the fabric at home? 16271 admin Even our distant ancestors were thinking about how to paint fabrics, using the methods at hand and the means available. Archeologists successfully find the fragments of materials, processed with natural dyes, created on the basis.

Continuous sterilizers

Continuous sterilizers There are also continuous sterilizers, which, however, have not yet found such widespread use in industry as autoclaves, although their positive aspects are obvious. Such devices facilitate and simplify the work of service personnel, provide an opportunity to create high-performance production lines.

Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder I recently learned a very simple way to make a magnetic knife holder with my own hands. This handy device was not long enough in my kitchen, which my wife often reminded me of. It turns out that such a holder.

How to choose a nanny

How to choose a nanny For the sake of curiosity, I asked moms on the playground, with which they associate the word “nanny”. And their answers made me think ... Apart from the usual "child", "dream", "work", "manicure", "Arina Rodionovna", everyone called fear, mockery.

Japanese boiled eggs

Japanese boiled eggs Aleks What is the difference what are the usual eggs or square? Svetlana and where to buy such a wonderful device for boiling eggs? Clara There is an express on Ali in the section "For boiling eggs" costs 700 with something.

Top 10 reasons for a woman to love shopping

Top 10 reasons for a woman to love shopping Do you belong to that proud category of women who can say with certainty that they do not like shopping? Empty shopping reels, packages of incomprehensible nonsense, which you still have to buy while moving.

Georgia - a country for a great holiday

Georgia - a country for a great holiday Summer is in full swing and you need to plan your vacation as soon as possible. If you do not want to go to foreign countries, then visit sunny Georgia. Find out the features of this.

LED lamps t8: a new device in a classic shell

T8 LED lamps: a new device in a classic shell Lamps t8 - lighting classics. Everyone has seen these lamp tubes, similar to Jedi lightsabers. Bathrooms, corridors and clinics offices, shops - this type of lighting does not lose popularity for decades. Only instead.

We roll up birch sap

We roll birch sap Unfortunately, the birch sap season is short. And so you want this tasty and healthy drink to delight us for a long time, and even better - all year round. In this case, canning will help us. Rolling birch sap.

Simple 12 V LED tube

Simple 12 V LED tube Probably, many people had a problem when they chose to spend the night in nature, and it was dark around, because the light from the fire is not enough for a modern person to feel comfortable For these purposes.

DIY musical pendants: 3 ideas

DIY "musical" pendants: 3 ideas Three ideas of pendants for people who are inspired by music, from materials for every taste - wire, strict frame and wooden thread spool. 1. Colored wire clef pendant For this simple and elegant suspension you will need: thick.

Test: is your speech literate?

Test: is your speech literate? Photo source: Russian language is considered one of the most difficult to learn. Foreigners note the difficulties with the use of cases, numerous exceptions to the rules and stress, because in many European languages, stress is assigned to.

How to defeat fear

American scientists examined a patient in whom this amygdala was destroyed as a result of the disease. The woman was absolutely not afraid of anything. She was shown scary movie fragments, took her to performances in honor of All Saints' Day, was given snakes.

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