Original tennis racket panel

Quilling is one of the fascinating techniques of creativity. Round spirals turn from thin paper strips, other shapes are made of them, glued together with glue in unusual patterns. This technique looks beautiful flowers, all kinds of postcards, original paintings and panels with marvelous scenes. Today we will tell you how to make an original panel on a badminton racket. After all, sometimes it happens that one of them is lost or broken, and the second is a pity to throw out. So, if you have such a thing lying around on a balcony or in the attic, get it out sooner and start creating beauty. To work you should prepare such components: - badminton racket or tennis; - a sheet of colored paper in blue (or any other); - a tube of PVA glue; - scissors and a pencil; - a set of paper strips for quilling (5 mm wide); - a wooden skewer (toothpick or special tools for this technique).
 prepare such components
Step 1.At this stage you need to prepare the basis for the work.
 prepare the basis for work
Take a colored sheet of paper, circle the diameter of the racket with a pencil and cut the oval with the appropriate forms. Attach it and fix it on the racket. Paper can be glued to the racket with adhesive or double-sided tape.
 glue paper to the racket
Step 2. Now turn to making flowers for work. Take 6 long pink paper strips, scissors, wooden skewer and white glue.
 pink strips of paper
Cut the strips in half, it turns out 12 strips. You need to twist loose spirals out of them.
 Cut the stripes in half
Such pink round spiral should turn out 12 pieces. Plus, make another yellow one.
 round spirals should make
From them you need to make an element called" eye ".To do this, you need to squeeze the round billet on both sides with two hands.
 make an eye element
Fold the blanks in a circle so that they touch each other and glue them together. In the middle, glue the yellow spiral. The flower is ready.
 Fold the blanks in a circle
There should be about 5-7 such colors. Multicolored plants will look better. Step 2. Now we start making leaves. Take green long strips (15 pieces), cut them in half.
 green long bars
Start twisting loose spirals.
Start twisting loose spirals
For the leaves you need to make an element called "drop". To do this, with one hand you hold a round billet, and the second - squeeze the opposite edge.
 make an element a drop
Now merge the three elements together. There should be 8-10 such leaves.
Step 4. We proceed to making a dragonfly. Take 3 blue stripes, 2 red and 1 black.
Take the 3 blue bars
Cut in half and form a round loose spiral. Blue (5 pieces) remain of this shape, make “drops” from red (4 pieces), and twist small dense spirals from black (2 pieces).

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