Original log candlestick

We manufactureOriginal candlestick from a logfor 3 candles (more). This candlestick will be a great decoration, for example, for a wedding or other holiday, and also will surely find its place in your interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. log (better half at once);
  2. ax, saw;
  3. chisel and hammer;
  4. wooden block;
  5. clamps;
  6. sandpaper;
  7. carpenter's glue;
  8. Drill and drill on wood shovel 38 mm;
  9. paint, varnish   etc..

Step 1

We take a log and split it in half. We take one half and level the surface of the workpiece with an ax, you can also level the sidewalls with a saw, sawing off the excess ones. After rough machining, the surface of the workpiece grind medium sandpaper.

Next, we will make grooves for the leg (in this project, there is one leg so that the candlestick is slightly tilted, but you can make two legs). Saw make 2 cuts in the lower part of the workpiece, using a chisel, hollow out the excess wood.

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