Nordic walking is another way of recovery.

Nordic walking is another way of recovery.

Nordic walking is another way of recovery.

There is not a very flattering saying about a person who is standing on skis on asphalt. How would you react to an athlete walking at any time of the year with ski poles? But walking with sticks is not a sport at all, but a wonderful Finnish invention for the development of physical fitness.


Story walking with sticks


A bit of history. In general, the stick in our time is associated with old age and infirmity. This is due to the fact that a city dweller hardly imagines how you can walk fifty kilometers a day.


But in the old days, people often walked a lot. It is unlikely that Mikhailo Lomonosov reached Moscow without the help of a stick. In the middle of the twentieth century, one of the Finnish skiers figured out how to keep oneself toned outside the sports season. This is how the Nordic Nordic walking came about. Since the nineties, it has become known throughout the world.


How to choose walking sticks. It all depends on your financial capabilities.The best option - telescopic sticks, allowing you to adjust your size. Any stick should be equipped with a strap and a comfortable grip.


Walking technique with sticks


As in the case of any other exercise, it is important to remember the correct action algorithm. Otherwise, instead of the expected result, one can worsen the health already undermined by all the benefits of civilization. The technique of Nordic walking with sticks is distinguished by an individual approach. Ski lovers can immediately move to intensive loads using longer sticks.


The rest of the citizens who are far from sports should remember a simple rule: arms and legs move symmetrically, the wider the step, the greater the swinging amplitude with the hands with sticks. Start walking once or twice a week for half an hour, then the multiplicity and distance can be increased.


Why do you need it


Causes walking with sticks reviews are extremely positive. Why? The fact is that with this type of walking, 90 percent of the muscles work, which is exactly ten times more than with normal walking. Reliance on sticks allows you to use it as a rehabilitation measure. For example, after surgery endoprosthetics.Finnish walking with sticks is not contraindicated for coronary artery disease, arthrosis, arthritis and other problems when running or doing normal walking presents significant difficulties.

Walking with sticks for weight loss: really lose weight


If your goal is to lose weight quickly, the answer is no. The type of walking is aimed at the gradual improvement of physical fitness, and not at the instant loss of extra pounds. However, in the dynamics of the Scandinavian walking is much preferable to any diet!

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