Neuro-linguistic programming as a way to improve the quality of life

Properly constructed verbal and non-verbal signals can improve the quality of life and improve your relationships with people, say the creators of NLP Richard Bendler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik in their books:"The magic of neurolinguistic programming without secrets",Technology Persuasionand others. Russian authors Andrei Pligin and Alexander Gerasimov echo them, issuing a manual"NLP Practitioner"for beginners.

Have you ever thought about how two phrases, identical in meaning, but different in sound, can affect the understanding of another person? For example, the phrase: “Would you like tea?” Because of the particle “not” is automatically perceived as your favor, courtesy, expressed without much desire. "Maybe tea?" - is already better, but the interlocutor again can hear the doubt in the blurred "maybe."

To be understood, speak more specifically, avoiding unnecessary particles and prefixes: “Do you want tea?”, “Will you go for a walk?”, “Are you free tonight?”, Etc. Same thing about yourself. Phrases like: “I’m not working”, “Should I get promoted in the end or not ?!” you give an energy message that you are subconsciously not ready for success.

Control your phrases wherever you are: at work or at home. Many women are surprised: why did the husband cool down to them? The answer is simple: the attitude of a man depends on which program you set. Constant repetition of the offended phrase: “You do not love me” or “I am fat” finally gives its negative results - a man begins to believe in what was said and ceases to love.

Dreams come true only if you sound them correctly, for example, instead of the phrase: “Why don't I get a promotion, because I work like a bee ?!” you should say: “I am the best economist in my company and I will be promoted”, “A trip to Egypt will refresh my impressions "etc. Thereby, you program future events in a positive way.

Support verbal spirit with non-verbal gestures: be open to the world and friendly to people.

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