Naked Truth: Heidi Klum sunbathes topless

The model is resting with a young boyfriend in Mexico and is not at all shy of the paparazzi.

Not all celebrities allow themselves to participate in photo shoots completely naked, but almost all models do it very willingly. 44-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum certainly belongs to the latter. We have repeatedly observed how the model basks on the beach topless, but this time we saw her breasts completely.

Paparazzi caught a star in a villa in Mexico, where she rests with her young boyfriend, 28-year-old German guitarist Tom Kaulitz. The model, apparently, wants to get a perfectly tan and that is why topless, to the delight of photographers, sunbathes.

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

The pictures show that the model's body looks amazing: the perfect press, skinny legs. However, the breast of the star is slightly sagging, although this is understandable, because it is the mother of four children. As we all know, after breastfeeding the bust will no longer be the same.

Heidi is obliged by his ideal figure to proper nutrition and constant training. When she was the host of the Podium program, she constantly ran in the morning.Now she, too, sometimes runs, but more emphasis on strength training, which give an incredible effect.

More than once in her interviews, Klum admitted that with age she understood that when a girl is a little in her body, she looks younger. That is why she does not deny herself sweets, if she wants them.

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