Mug Hanger

Tea mugs are very necessary and common dishes. Sometimes they are kept on the dryer for dishes, sometimes on a table or in a cupboard. I propose to make another place for tea mugs - a holder for mugs that are attached to the wall. In such a holder, the circles are always at hand and do not occupy space in the locker.
 Hanger for mugs
For making you will need: - wooden twigs from the baby cot; - piece of multilayer plywood 16 - 18 mm thick; - pencil, ruler, protractor; - jigsaw, drill, surface grinder; - PVA glue; - varnish, brush; Holder dimensions depend only on your needs and can be designed for any number of mugs. For example, consider making the holder into three circles. Cut out the base of plywood.
 Hanger for mugs
The rectangular base seems to me too massive, so one corner is slightly sloping.We mark and drill holes for fastening under the screws or screws that you have.
 Hanger for mugs
From the little bar of solid wood we make a guide.
 Hanger for mugs
The size of the stone does not matter in principle; for example, I used a leg section from a bed measuring 35x30x60. Wooden rods have a diameter of 12 mm, so we use a drill of this diameter. We drill a through hole in the bar at the end along the long side.
 Hanger for mugs
On a piece of thin cardboard, mark an angle of 25 degrees with a protractor. At this angle will be twigs. We transfer the angle to the bar and cut it off.
 Hanger for mugs
In order for the guide not to move when drilling from any board that is suitable for the length of the board, we focus. The stop is a board with holes, which is fastened with screws and presses the base at the desired distance.
 Hanger for mugs
Onplywood in the places of fastening of the twigs are slightly drilled, we install the guide to the stop and drill through the plywood at an angle. Grind the base, slightly round the ends. We remove the twig from varnish, cut into pieces of 14 cm.
 Hanger for mugs
Round off one end. Lubricate with glue and insert into the prepared hole with a blunt end so that the twig protrudes slightly from behind.
 Hanger for Mugs
After the glue has dried, we grind the protruding part. If necessary we putty, grind. We varnish. Fastened to the wall.
Hanger for mugs

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