Muffins with pineapple for tea

You will need
  • - 2 cups wheat flour;
  • - 1 cup sour cream 15% fat, brown sugar;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • - 60 ml of vegetable oil;
  • - 1 tsp of baking powder for dough;
  • - canned pineapple;
  • - any fragrance for the test (vanilla, lemon).
Beat two eggs in a bowl, add brown sugar, you can take regular beet sugar, if you do not have brown sugar. Add sour cream and flavor, you can use grated lemon zest or vanilla as a flavor. Pour in 60 ml of vegetable oil, mix everything until smooth.
Sift flour in another bowl, add baking powder to it. Pour the liquid mixture into the flour, knead the dough with a spatula or fork. Literally in 1 minute a homogeneous dough should turn out, which is not taken into lumps.
Remove pineapple rings or cubes from the syrup, put it on a paper towel so that it will add extra juice. Cut the pineapples into small pieces, add to the dough and mix gently.
Take muffin tins, grease or put cupcake liners in them. Spread out the dough. Put in the oven, heated to a temperature of 170 degrees.Muffins with pineapple and tea are baked for 25-40 minutes - the baking time depends on the size of the pan and your oven.
Ready-made muffins can be served immediately. Chilled baking remains soft, so it can be safely stored in a food package or refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.

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