Mother of two children danced on the pylon until the birth

These photos hit the Internet: 32-year-old Svetlana Volkova from Sweden makes dizzying somersaults on a pole, already deeply pregnant.

Difficult acrobatic exercises such as “lifting the iguana” and “butterflies on a pole”, stretching and twine do not get along with the woman in position. But Svetlana in the photo looks just amazingly beautiful and elegant. And it does not seem to make it all the tricks with difficulty.

“By my example I wanted to show that pregnancy with its safe course is not a reason to stop the usual course of life, sit on the sofa and wait for the onset of labor,” says Svetlana. - But, of course, pole-sport cannot be recommended for pregnant women if the girl has never practiced them before (I danced for more than three years before pregnancy), if there are contraindications, etc. Each case is different, you need to listen to yourself and your body. In my case there was indeed more energy and well-being was better thanks to the exercises on the pylon.And, by the way, I went to work until the 9th month! Well, I love my job, and it's boring to sit at home! ”

Now the couple have two children, the eldest Theo is already three years old, and the youngest Leo has recently turned a month. He was born strong, big and healthy.

Active mommy is already resuming training - a month has passed, she feels that she can! Although it is not yet possible to devote so much time to sports - after all, two kids.

By the way, the coach, with whom Svetlana is engaged, is not a Swede, but a teacher from her native Krasnodar.

“We became friends with Sveta three years ago when she was on vacation in Krasnodar,” says coach Victoria Leusenko, a teacher at Angel Dance Studio. - She asked to give her some individual lessons. And then we began to conduct online training. Sveta is a very talented, diligent, active student, I always set her up as an example. Therefore, when she became pregnant with her second child, we did not stop classes. Just from the sixth month, we revised the program, removed those elements that are inconvenient to do with the tummy. And she worked until the birth! "

Little Leo is already training with his mother.
Photo: personal archive
Photo: personal archive

I must say that the whole family of Svetlana - her mother, husband, son - is very supportive and proud of such a sporting mother.

“My husband bought her a pylon and installed it at home, he was in class, he was insuring just in case,” Victoria continues. - In Sweden, in general, the passion of pregnant women in this sport does not make any resonance, although I note that the pylon school in Russia is stronger. In this case, we still have many ordinary people confused pole-dance with a striptease.

But, by the way, now among my clients there are other pregnant women. The girls understand that sport and the reasonable physical exertion that the pylon gives is only good. It is easier to give birth to our sportswomen, they feel well, they have no problems with oxygen, and even after delivery the muscles contract 2 times faster, which means. and easier to get back into shape. "

Despite the words that the unusual passions of pregnant women in Sweden didn’t pay much attention, Svetlana attracted this attention. Already several newspapers have written about it, including the Daily Mail with its millions of subscribers. We immediately remembered the story about pregnant twerking. The girl, I remember, was brought up by everyone passing by her page on the social network.All supposedly very worried about her baby. And in fact, it seems, they just poured out on their future mom their ideas about ideal motherhood (see

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