Mom of two children lost 30 kg, and her husband threw it

But the 38-year-old Angela Crickmore was not upset. In her personal life, everything is better than before.

In this slender taut woman, hardly anyone would suspect a former fat woman, exhausted by excess weight. However, Angela really once weighed almost 90 kilograms with her rather small height. In 27 years, she married, gave birth to two sons. Of course, it rang out wide. Angela was not pleased with this; the bodybuilder did not leave her. It is difficult to walk, shortness of breath, difficult to pick up clothes. But to lose weight did not work.

Photo: @angelcrickmore
Photo: @angelcrickmore
Photo: @angelcrickmore

Her husband was against Angela lost weight. Always told her that she is very beautiful. It was nice, but losing weight did not motivate. Quite the contrary. As Angela took charge of herself, her husband began to grumble. He is a man, very far from fitness. Healthy food? Ugh, how disgusting. But late dinner is a great thing. Angela gave up and ate macaroni and cheese again for the night.So it took almost ten years.

But one day, Angela finally realized that she could no longer look at herself in the mirror without disgust.

“To hell with such a life,” she decided. - I will lose weight.

Angela has managed not just to lose weight, but to blind the body of a dream. Dropped 30 kilograms, turning from a fat woman into a fine-grained slim. Husband changes in the lifestyle of the family did not like. After all, Angela is now not stuck in the kitchen, and in the gym. Spouses broke up.

Angela did not lose heart. Sport has become her new way of life and even a source of income - she became a coach. She also started a blog on Instagram to share her success story. And then a real miracle happened: thanks to a page on the Internet, Angela found a new love.

It all began not at all as love, but as work. She wrote a 51-year-old Mark, the owner of the automotive business. He was going on vacation in Tenerife and called Angela with him - he wanted her to train him. After five days it became clear: the work will not be limited to workouts. Mark and Angela could not part, even when the vacation was over.

Photo: @angelcrickmore

“You know, when women write to me and complain that they cannot lose weight because of household chores, I understand them perfectly.It is very difficult to lose weight when you cook all the time for a family that doesn't care about your fitness, because they want macaroni and cheese. When there is no motivation. I have something to compare: I was in a relationship, I was lonely, now in a relationship again, ”says Angela. “We have to be twofold stronger, more stubborn and really really want to change.”

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