Modern computer desk with your own hands

Personal work space largely determines the quality of the work performed, because it depends on him how comfortable and productive the work process will be. To a large extent, this applies to the desktop, which should be user-friendly. Designers and designers working on the development of office and home furniture offer a lot of original ideas, but you can try to translate your own ideas into reality on your own. Modern computer desk with your own hands

What manufacturers offer

Before you start working on your own project, it's worth reading the offers on the furniture market, among which you can learn for yourself a lot of interesting ideas. As a platform for the search for inspiration, we take the IKEA hypermarket, where there is always a huge selection of products from different price categories.Desktops, which are available in the catalog of the largest furniture retailer, look concisely and efficiently, but are devoid of any special “zest”.
Modern computer desk with your own hands
A modern computer desk with their own hands
For other manufacturers, things are no better - the design frankly "gives" to the past century, the design is too bulky for modern interiors. However, among all the variety there are also original models, not overloaded with superfluous details and convenient in operation. For example, the tabletop, adapted to accommodate a laptop, tablet and other gadgets, looks very stylish and ergonomic, but its cost is not affordable for all users. However, this is not a reason to abandon the table you like, because you can build something similar with your own hands.

Designing an engineering project

The first thing you should decide on at the design stage is the functionality of the future table. Among the proposed options may be placing on the tabletop contactless phone charger,built-in pilot with an extension, passed through the leg of the table, areas under the marker board and a glass for notes, holes for different types of gadgets and much more. For your future table, we will stop on the following functional elements and details:
  • central holes for removing wires from the laptop and additional passive cooling;
  • deep recess under the coffee cup;
  • places for placing the tablet and smartphone with holes for connection charger;
  • small coasters for various small things - pencils, pens, flash drives, etc.
Having defined the list of necessary functions, you can start drawing up working drawings, which will be used to make our table. For more convenience, use the useful computer programs - SketchUp and CorelDraw. These software products allow you to execute not only a technically competent drawing, but also create 3D 3D models of the future work area.
Modern computer desk with their own hands
Modern computer desk with your ownhands

Making a prototype

 Modern computer desk with your own hands After composing a virtual layout, idea, to use for its implementation an already ready-made, inexpensive table, for example, from the same IKEA. However, this trick will not work, because practically all inexpensive tabletops are hollow inside, and it is technically impossible to make the necessary grooves and holes in them.
A modern computer desk with your own hands
  • fast drying in a few hours;
  • preservation of the natural structure of the wood surface;
  • ease of use and subsequent operation.
  • In addition, applying even a few layers of oil does not form a glossy film on the surface and does not give a sugary luster. Each layer of ma The coating should be dried for two hours, after which you can begin to install the support legs. For our model, we used ready-made Ikeev legs, and their installation was perhaps the easiest step from the whole idea of ​​making the table.
    Modern computer desk with your own hands
    Modern computer desk with your own hands

    Summing up

    For the implementation of the idea "from scratch" was spent one month,during which the following tasks were consistently implemented:
    • 1 week - creating your own ideas, forming a list of necessary functions, making presentations about the appearance of the future table
    • 2 week - making 3D layout and drawings using computer programs, finding suitable masters professionally engaged in milling;
    • 3 week - performing milling and engraving works
    • 4 week - finishing the worktop, mounting the legs.
    In terms of price the most expensive moments steel services milling and engraving, as well as the purchase of furniture panels of solid wood. All the other steps were carried out on their own, which ultimately allowed them to meet a total of just over 10,000 rubles. The experience gained in the self-manufacturing of a modern computer desk made it possible to draw a number of important practical conclusions:
    • it is difficult to find a suitable desktop model in retail sales;
    • when buying a furniture board for a countertop, hardwood varieties should be preferred;
    • when searching for milling services, you can face withdifficulties;
    • oil coating - a good kind of finish for wood.
    A modern computer desk with your own hands
    Using these tips, you can try your own strength in making other types of furniture that will fully meet all your needs and requirements.

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