Metal evroshtaketnik - a novelty in the world of building materials.

Metal evroshtaketnik -innovation in the world of building materials for the fencing of any buildings.

It is made from high quality cold rolled zinc steel. In terms of reliability and durability, this type of fence is not inferior to a profiled metal sheet. The life of the material ranges from 40 to 50 years. Usually the manufacturer provides a warranty period of 10 years. It is worth noting that some intermediaries deliberately lower the guarantee, which indicates a possible fake of the goods. In this situation, it is better to choose a reputable and proven company that sells only high-quality and original products. A stamp with our logo is stamped on our products. This gives you confidence in the performance.

Fence from Euroweting

Externally, a metal evroshtaketnik has the appearance of a conventional wooden fence, but much more reliable and durable, which is important for the buyer. Such a fence, in comparison with the wooden one, does not rot, does not require special care, and maintains its beautiful appearance for a long time. A set of colors for the picket fence and solutions for its painting is diverse. For example, you can choose evroshtaketnik under a tree, white, transparent or use other options. Due to these indicators, such a fence will not only be a reliable “fortress” for a house or a dacha, but their decoration, because the metal picket fence has excellent decorative qualities. It looks light, elegant, does not form a closed space, does not make a shadow on the site and is well ventilated.

Installation of metal evroshtaketnika - an easy process that does not require special skills. Under it do not need to establish a massive foundation. This is due to the fact that the individual elements of the fence are installed with gaps (3-4 cm), and this reduces the wind load on the fence. The main tool during the installation of the fence is a screwdriver.

The price of the euro barrel is made of metal. You can order a finished fence with a whole set, which includes poles, gates, a wicket, decorative strips, logs and other additional elements. There are also deaf fence picket. Particularly original is the fence, installed on both sides in a checkerboard pattern. Profile cutting is made to order. Traditional dimensions - 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 m.

As you can see, the metallic euro barrel is a durable, simple, beautiful, inexpensive and the most successful solution for protecting any buildings.

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