Meet the 80-year-old queen of contouring

If you still consider the queen of the contour Kim Kardashian, you are behind the times. This place has recently been occupied by a grandmother, nicknamed Glam-Ma, which with the help of highlights, lipsticks (and what to say, a whole arsenal of beauty products!) Is not tired of transforming before the camera her granddaughter, make-up artist Theya Flago from Croatia. You can evaluate the results before and after the make-up in your @teaflego account, to which about 100 thousand people have already subscribed. The results after are really amazing: an 80-year-old woman sheds at least 20 years and is incredibly transformed! So from now on, before you think about plastic, try to first correct the contour of the face with contouring!

Photos published makeupbyteaflego (@teaflego)May 9 2016 at 7:34 am PDT

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Photos published makeupbyteaflego (@teaflego)Dec 7 2015 at 5:16 PST

We subscribe and admire the ingenuity of the makeup artist: it’s not everybody to use such heavy artillery in their work - yes, there’s not everyone who has such a charismatic Glam-Ma!

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