Love Tree Card

Quilling is the direction of creativity, in which with the help of paper and giving it different forms you can get interesting postcards and voluminous crafts. One of its types is linear quilling, when whole pictures can be created practically only from some straight paper strips. Today we will make a beautiful, true, rather complicated craft using this technique. It will take at least several hours, but the result will meet all expectations. First we will prepare the necessary materials for the work. This: 1. The basis for the postcard is pure white or with a pink tinge. 2. Paper for quilling: pink, dark crimson and black (dark blue) colors. The width is 3 mm. Quilling tool (you can use a toothpick). 4. Glue PVA. 5. A brush. 6. Scissors.
 Quilling postcard Tree of Love
It is recommended to visually determine the general outline of a tree and its branches, think about how it will be located and in which part postcards.You can mark it with a pencil, but do it carefully to preserve the base. On the submitted or actually drawn drawing we impose strips of paper themselves. The tree will be dark in color, black with small modulations. Usually strips are smeared with glue from the side so that the PVA is not visible on the finished work and thus does not spoil it. Here you can not strive for this, since almost all of the space will be occupied either by hearts or by a tree - adhesive will not be noticeable.
Quilling Card Tree of Love

Then it is necessary to work out the internal structure of the tree, that is, to add central details and in some places additional elements, for example, at the branches. Using pink and dark crimson paper, we will make hearts of different sizes, placing them on the tree crown, as if it were its leaves or fruits. Hearts can be made with the help of two slightly curved spirals, connected in the appropriate shape. The second option: take only one strip of paper, bend it in half and twist the ends into the inner part.
 Quilling Card Tree of Love
We start to fill hearts.To do this, we make many colored open (with a loose end) spirals, and place them in the voids. Spirals can be of various sizes. It all depends on the idea: the smaller ones will need more, with them the hearts will look more refined and more expressive on closer examination; if you take large enough, you can pay attention to the curvature of the lines and give a certain openness to the figure.
Quilling Card Love Tree
 Quilling Card Tree of Love
The turn has come to finish the tree trunk and its branches are the hardest part of the job. The lengths of the strips need to be selected by eye and then tried on. It's easier to fill in the basic elements first - long branches and trunk. It looks more harmonious if the lines smoothly flow into one another, without obvious breaks or unnatural transitions.
Quilling postcard Tree of Love
To get such an effect as if the tree was painted and is a whole,you need to use more paper when creating it and avoid any gaps in the shape. Although it is enough to use 4-5 lines for each branch and about 12 for the trunk to give the tree an invoice. So, everything is ready.
 Quilling postcard Tree of love
Good luck and continued success in creating your own masterpieces!

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