Love horoscope for 2016 for Libra

LibraLibra is a sign for which the love sphere is of paramount importance, without it almost all his life loses meaning. In 2016, Libra is waiting for a lot of new acquaintances, but it will not do without disappointments - not all initiatives will be successful. But the stars favor Libra in this period - the parting is unlikely to be painful, they will be able to survive quite quickly and again be open to a new feeling.

Love horoscope for woman Libra for 2016

If a woman-Libra enters 2016 absolutely free from any relationship, the beginning of the year will be somewhat vague - too much effort and time will require solving problems in other areas of life, and she will not have to worry about amorous affairs. However, this state will not last long - by April all troubles will be in the past, and the Libra woman will start looking around with interest. She will not have to wait long - at the beginning of the summer there will be a meeting with a man who will firmly take place in the heart of the Libra woman.Yet the stars do not recommend opening up before a new chosen one too quickly - this relationship may turn out to be short-lived, and, too enchanted, the Libra woman will suffer, though not for too long.

It can be a difficult year for the woman-Libra that is already legally married. 2016 will be a real test of the strength of the union - and the cause of claims and other troubles will be household and ridiculous, in general, questions. The horoscope promises Libra holidays - in the middle of summer or early autumn, and it may happen that the opinions of the spouses regarding the choice of location for him will be completely different. Because of this seemingly inconsequential excuse, the Libra woman and her partner can quarrel quite a bit, and for a long time no one will want to go to reconciliation first.

Love horoscope for a man-Libra for 2016

The Libra man, who by his nature is rather lazy and indifferent to what is happening around him, in 2016 he will manifest unexpected energy, which is quite atypical for him. If he is lonely, then, most likely, he will undertake resolutely and thoroughly for the quest for the lady’s heart - a period rich in events awaits him, he will not miss a single party, but he will be attentive and careful paying attention to the opposite sex hobbies he is not going to.In the beginning of summer, his efforts will be rewarded - he will finally feel that a new feeling has settled in his heart. Man-Libra can be so inspired that by the end of the year, to decide to make a chosen one an offer - and the stars approve of it, such a union will be surely happy and strong.

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From the very beginning of the year, a family man, Libra, will be skeptical about everything connected with his wife - he will be bored, it will seem that the relationship has been exhausted, and because of this, he will start harassing a loved one with cavils. This will continue until about the middle of the year - a difficult time, which will prove to be a real test of strength for the family of a Libra man, although the main burden will be on the shoulders of his partner. It depends on her in many respects whether the family will remain or whether she will not be able to tolerate such an attitude towards herself and will simply leave.

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