List of the most interesting culinary gear

The world of television is surprisingly diverse and multifaceted, some prefer TV shows and movies, while others simply love cooking shows. By the way, they collect from the screens not only those who love to cook, but even those spectators who have never done anything more difficult than sandwiches. It’s all about the special charisma of the presenters, which are often played by famous chefs, as well as the twisted plots with which the directors supply them.

Today it is difficult to find a television channel on which there was no cooking show, but not every one of them can be called truly interesting and informative. That is why we picked up a small list of the most popular and favorite culinary programs from different parts of the planet - here everyone can find what he likes.


Perhaps, one of the most famous and long-playing culinary programs on domestic television, after all, not so long ago, she celebrated an impressive date - 20 years on the air! For a long time, the transfer was conducted by a well-known rock musician Andrei Makarevich, but after a small restart in 2006his place was taken by a new presenter - Ivan Urgant.

The most famous and popular figures of the country, such as Valdis Pelsh, Lev Leschenko, actress Galina Konshina and others are always invited to Smak. In the process of entertaining communication, the guests share with the viewers the recipes of their favorite dishes, and also show by example how to cook them quickly and easily.

"Hell's Kitchen"

Many have heard, but not everyone knows that the project “Hellish Kitchen” is nothing but an adaptation of the American show “Hell's Kitchen”, the first series of which was released in 2005. To date, the original already has as many as 11 seasons and who knows if the producers will stop there. By the way, the famous “specific” style of behavior of the leaders was brilliantly brought to life by the notorious Gordon Ramsey, on whom all domestic leaders of “Hellish Kitchen” equal themselves.

That is why the participants of this TV show must have not only outstanding culinary skills, but also a strong nervous system, because it is not so easy to withstand all the comments and quibbles of the presenters. Needless to say, “Hellish Kitchen” is called a real survival school for future chefs, well, and for the viewer - an exciting drama series with elements of comedy and cooking.

"Naked cook"

Surely, many have heard of the super-popular British chef Jamie Oliver, the real star of the culinary world, which all housewives of the world simply adore. “The Naked Cook” is his first child, which appeared on American television screens back in 1999.

This young man made a real culinary revolution, changing his views on cooking in general, and also showing that healthy eating is not only useful, but also very tasty. To whom the “Naked Cook” seems a little, can switch to “Living tasty” with his own participation - an exciting and informative show.

"Master Chef"

Another well-known culinary adaptation, which since 2011 has also appeared on the Ukrainian channel. The meaning of the show is simple: there is a set of participants who compete with each other, perform various tricky tasks from the presenters, participate in culinary contests and prove their right to be called "the best cook of the country."

In addition to the prestigious title, the winning participant gets good rewards - a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the world in France.

"French chef"

This program is often referred to as the “progenitress” of all existing culinary shows, and in the image of its host, Julia Child, even the script for the famous film “Julie and Julia” was written, with the main role played by the charming Meryl Streep.

Only these facts are quite enough for the sake of curiosity to still see the show “French Chef”, which, in due time, turned the whole idea of ​​cooking - it turns out that cooking can be interesting and quite boring.

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