List of the most beautiful rivers

You can look at three things endlessly, and one of them is water. If you agree with this opinion, then you probably will be interested to learn about the most picturesque rivers of the planet.

So, the top most beautiful rivers in the world:

  1. The place of honor in the ranking is occupied by the river.Caño Cristelesand even the name sounds beautiful and speaks for itself. The waterway passes through the territory of Colombia, and in the hot summer you can really see in it a kind of stunning crystals, iridescent with shades of yellow, green, black, red. There is such an effect due to the unique algae growing on the bottom, which in the warm season under the scorching rays begin to actively bloom. A clear clear water allows you to observe this natural mixture of colors and get a real aesthetic pleasure.
  2. Futaleufuproceeds immediately to two countries: Argentina and Chile. The river begins to carry its waters from the slopes of the Andes, feeds on the melting glaciers of Patagonia, and completes the path, connecting with the equally beautiful Lake Yelcho.On the shore there is a small village, whose residents are incredibly lucky, because they can daily see a turquoise transparent river. This is a real attraction, which annually attracts a lot of tourists. And lovers of extreme sports are fused around Futaleuf, enjoying the fast current and wonderful views.
  3. Amazonis included in several ratings, as by right can be considered the longest on the planet and the most aquiferous. It has several origins at once, such as Ucayali, Maranon and Apachet. This waterway, which runs through Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, is included in the list of wonders of the world. It carries a lot of dangers in the form of predatory aquatic inhabitants, but this does not frighten tourists. And if you look at the beautiful Amazon from the height of bird flight, you can see the intricate numerous bends that pass through dense, sometimes impenetrable forests.
  4. The list of beautiful rivers can safely include the Siberian beautyLena, on the banks of which you can meet the real mysteries of nature. One of them - formed in a harsh climate and striking in the grandeur and complexity of the formsice complex. The river itself is rather calm, which confirms the pacifying surface of its surface. But while Lena is considered the tenth on the planet in length and eighth in terms of the waters of the basin. It is impressive and deserves respect!
  5. Even looking at the photo of the riverZambezi, it is possible to be surprised and admire the miracle that nature itself has done. It flows through the territory of six states of Africa at once, and its length exceeds 2.5 thousand kilometers. In size, this African waterway takes the fourth place. The source is located in Zambia, the river flows into the Indian Ocean. A trip to the Zambezi will give you a lot of vivid impressions and will acquaint you with the stunning variety of the continent’s fauna and flora. A feature of the river are numerous cascades of waterfalls. The largest among them is considered Victoria, known throughout the world and striking in its grandiose appearance.
  6. RiverYangtzeflows in China, and the Chinese are considered the most beautiful on the planet. Perhaps they are right, because coastal landscapes are amazing. Cities and villages are located along the coast, and the Yangtze waters, in fact, feed the locals.Tourists are invited to cruise, during which you can see the pagoda built along the waterway, majestic gorges. But the attention deserves also the fact that the river is the longest in Eurasia, and throughout the world in length occupies an honorable third place. In addition, there are preserved rare aquatic inhabitants: Korean sturgeon, Chinese alligators.
  7. Danube- truly an international river, because it covers many countries, including Serbia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine. The waterway in Europe occupies a worthy second place in terms of total length. A cruise along the picturesque Danube can last for a few hours or a few days, but in any case during this unforgettable journey you will cover the European sights worth seeing, you can see ancient castles and other historical buildings.
  8. RiverHudsonnot so long when compared with others (the length barely exceeds 500 kilometers), but the beauty is amazing. The waterway stretches from north to south and encompasses the east of New York State. Start Hudson takes in the lake with a beautiful name Tear Cloud, which occupied the slope of the Adirondack ridge. The river separates New York from another state - New Jersey.Hudson is often visited by tourists, artists, writers and other creative figures who find inspiration here for creating new masterpieces.
  9. Mekong. This river literally feeds the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Chinese and Lao people, because their home countries are on the banks, and such an arrangement is not accidental. In the Mekong, fish have long been caught, and this waterway still serves as a pool for the breeding of many river inhabitants from different countries of the world. In addition, the river plays an important role in agriculture: water is used for growing different crops. Like here and tourists who during cruises can experience the color and enjoy the views.
  10. Nile. The river has been known since ancient times and until some time was considered the largest and longest on the planet until this title was transferred to the Amazon mentioned above. But the length is also impressive and is more than 6,850 kilometers. In ancient Egypt, the Nile was endowed with special strength and revered, because it gave people food and water, thereby helping to live and develop. Once the river was sacrificed, but even today they bow before it.And respect the Nile is really something for that, but you can also admire the grandeur and stunning beauty

Now you know which rivers can be called the most beautiful. View photos or go on a trip to see at least one waterway with your own eyes.

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