T8 LED lamps: a new device in a classic shell

Lamps t8 - lighting classics. Everyone has seen these lamp tubes, similar to Jedi lightsabers. Bathrooms, corridors and clinics offices, shops - this type of lighting does not lose popularity for decades. Only instead of mercury discharge lamps, which were broken into a thousand sharp fragments, economical and safe LED tubes are increasingly being used.

T8 - success code: what do LEDs gain in

To move the lamp from the market, which has lasted from the last century, we need weighty arguments in favor of the beginner. And there are plenty of such advantages with LED lamps.

Tubular LEDT8 lamps:

  1. They shine 2 times brighter than fluorescent tubes, because the light output is twice as high - up to 100 Lm / W.
  2. Turns on instantly and at full power, without warming up.
  3. Safe to use: do not contain mercury in the composition. The body is not made of glass, but of plastic, the lamps do not break and do not heat up.
  4. Create a comfortable glow for the eyes: electromagnetic pulsation is absent, light diffused and soft.
  5. Calculated for 50-100 thousand hours of operation - this is more than 11 years using 24 hours a day.
  6. Economical power consumption. LEDs operate without ballast elements, which take up to 50% of the lamp power. With the same light output, they consume half as much electricity as mercury tubes.

Operating parameters t8

Based on the technical characteristics, it is clear that the LED tubes are universal devices:

  • Matte type diffuser
  • Standard mains voltage - 220 V;
  • color temperature - up to 6200K;
  • power - 8–22 W;
  • the glow angle is 140-270 °;
  • work in the temperature range from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Luminous flux - 800–1900 lm.

Where are the LED lights t8

In comparison with fluorescent lamps, LED devices have even fewer restrictions in the application. Today, these lamps are used in lighting:

  • stores;
  • offices;
  • School classes and corridors
  • banks;
  • hospitals, laboratories and polyclinics
  • catering establishments;
  • living areas: separate areas of kitchens or bathrooms, lighting furniture.

How to change a fluorescent tube to LEDs

Another plus of LED tubes is that, if necessary, is installed in place of the luminescent predecessor.

After all, the dimensions and power of LED devices correspond to mercury analogues:

  1. Cap type: G13.
  2. Power: 18-36 watts
  3. Tube length: 60 cm, 120 cm or 150 cm.

No control gear is needed to turn on the light emitting diodes, so starters and throttles are pre-cleaned.

T8 LED bulbs are the perfect way to change content, keeping the same shape!

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