Kirsten Dunst became a mother and declassified the sex of the child

36-year-old actress and her fiance Jesse Plemons in seventh heaven.

Kirsten Dunst became aware of the pregnancy five months before her birth - the actress declassified an “interesting position” in December 2017. Then it became clear that the father of the future baby is her partner on the set of the Fargo series Jesse Plemons. Actors began dating in 2016, and in January 2017 they got engaged.

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And a happy event happened: on May 8th, it became known that Kirsten had given birth safely. As reported by foreign media, the newly-made mother and baby feel good. Happy parents are in no hurry to share the details of childbirth with journalists, but declassified the sex of the newborn.

According to Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, they had a “healthy boy”. A year ago, the actress admitted that she was ready to expand the family.

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“I’m at a stage in my life when everything suits me,” Kirsten quotes Marie Claire magazine in the UK.- I have been working since I was three years old, it's time to have children and relax. I was not one of those who madly need a child. But then my goddaughter was born, and I realized how much I love her.

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