Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox split up

It's hard to imagine a more secretive pair than Cathy Holmes and Jamie Fox, if they wish, they could work as agents under cover! Just imagine, these two have never officially confirmed their romance, although they met five (!) Years, from time to time getting into the paparazzi's cells. First, hiding and hiding lovers forced Katie's divorce contract, according to which she could not meet with men for five years, and then Jamie himself began to insist on secret relations, which, as it turned out, suited everything.

What caused the separation? According to the couple's friends, Cathy considered the secret relationship humiliating and dreamed of an official wedding ceremony. According to another version, Jamie recently began to often communicate with his ex-mother of his daughter Annalis, Christine Grannis, which Katie did not understand and could not bear. In addition, Jamie loved to have a noisy party, while Katie, after a scandalous breakup with Tom Cruise, preferred to stay out of the tabloid’s attention. The couple broke up quietly, without mutual recriminations and accusations.According to insiders, Katie dialed the number to Jamie and said that it was all over, to which he replied that he was sorry.

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