Kate and Prince William first appeared at a social event.

The royal couple made a splash on the red carpet of the BAFTA 2017 award.

We are accustomed to see them at more formal events, surrounded by the most senior officials. And here, it would seem, the usual star party - the presentation of the awards of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts ... Probably, even the organizers of the event did not believe their eyes when they saw Kate Middleton and Prince Wilma walking on the red carpet.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are big fans of the BAFTA ceremony. We are very pleased to welcome their royal majesties at this event, ”- only BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry was able to say.

It turns out that the heir to the British throne since February 2010 is president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and together with the Duchess has repeatedly participated in her charitable activities, but this is the first time that William and Kate decided to attend the award ceremony.

On the red carpet in the royal Albert Hall, which is literally a couple of minutes from Kensington Palace, it is worth noting that the couple looked very organic. Kate, who often chooses clothes of democratic brands for official exits, this time was in full dress: in an exclusive dress from Alexander McQueen from the spring-summer 2016 collection. In the original version, the straps of the dress should be on the shoulders, but they were redone especially for Kate. The result was a very feminine spring look.

It was not for nothing that rumors circulated that the award organizers were afraid to invite Kate Middleton to the ceremony, as she would eclipse the invited actresses. And so it happened. All camera lenses were aimed only at her.

And William that evening also took part in the ceremony - he presented the award to comedian Mel Brooks.

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