Judi Dench told how she fell in love at 75

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Publication by Victoria & Abdul (@victoriaandabdul)Dec 5 2017 at 9:26 PST

In Victoria and Abdul, the elderly queen, whose whole meaning of life after losing her husband and only friend is to fulfill her duty to her country, seems to wake up from a long hibernation. The reason for the miraculous metamorphosis is the appearance at the court of 24-year-old Abdul, who arrived to take up the post of Victoria's personal secretary. There is a strong and touching friendship between a young citizen and the Queen of Britain: he teaches her to write and speak Urdu, entertains lively discussions on various topics, knows how to make her laugh and how to console, and little by little becomes the only interlocutor which Victoria can feel free, happy and alive.

In an interview on the occasion of the premiere of the film Judi Dench said that she understood her highness like no other: at a certain stage in her life, the actress found herself in a similar situation.In 2001, Judy's husband died - cancer actor Michael Williams, with whom she lived for 30 years. After that, Dench was alone for a long time, believing that there would no longer be any vivid impressions in her life, but in 2010 her neighbor and founder of the British Wildlife Center David Mills invited her to open a cage with squirrels ... And Judy, who At that time, turned 75, could not refuse him. Now she has both passion and romance in her life: the couple goes to all the premieres together, gently holding hands, and Dench is full of inspiration - recently, for example, she mastered the iPad and iTunes and became interested in audiobooks. About the wedding, lovers do not think - they already enjoy each other's company: "I can not imagine any solemn ceremonies. We are too old for this, so we are just together, ”admitted the actress.

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