Jewelery from two types of gold - white and pink

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Jewelery from two metals - pink or yellow gold in one piece with white gold - were for the first time at the peak of fashion in the 30s, when the jewelry market grew to such an extent that accessories designers allowed themselves the most daring experiments with materials. Later, after the crisis, gold will seriously press silver, more affordable at the price, and then bright jewelry made of plastic and wood, which took any form and color at the request of their creators, until in our time the combination of white gold with “colored” is again not recognized classics in the world of jewelry. And in fact, given the modern technology of jewelry production, we are talking not only about the combination of two jewelery made of different metals, but also about skillfully made alloys of two types of gold in one luxury item.
White and rose gold merge into one, in the hands of masters to turn into an unusual and unlike other jewelry and the star of your personal collection.

Gold ring with amethyst and diamonds

A luxurious example of modern jewelry design that you like at first glance: this ring, like the yin-yang symbol, has two completely different sides, which, due to the discontinuous shape of the rings on the fingers, exist as two separate ornaments.

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