Jensen - Royal Sleep Mattresses

If you care about your health, then you know exactly how important the mattress on which you sleep. Full rest, restoring strength, maintaining health and maintaining well-being - that’s what a quality mattress provides. And what better to say about its quality than the brand under which it is made is the official supplier of the royal court?

- an elite brand of HildingAnders, which has been finding innovative solutions for incredibly comfortable and healthy sleep for over 70 years. That is why the Norwegian monarchs gave their preference to the Jensen mattresses.

Mattresses for a luxurious sleep

All Jensen mattresses use the patented Micro Pocket Springs 12-zone spring system, which provides excellent body support. And because the mattress layers are assembled by hand and without the use of glue (using the unique Tufting technology), you can be sure of its complete environmental friendliness . Another confirmation of the quality of Jensen mattresses is a 15-year warranty, which, when purchased in conjunction with the company's base, increases to 20 years!

And one more important detail: You will recognize the models of this brand by the top layer, made of premium jacquard fabric, which is the coat of arms of the royal family of Norway.

Jensen mattress collection

- the toughest mattress from the Jensen collection, created to give elastic and confident support.
- the most balanced exclusive mattress of the brand, which has an average softness.
- the softest mattress in the collection, which will give a feeling of weightlessness and incredible tenderness.
Choosing Jensen mattresses, you choose a truly royal dream. And every centimeter of your spine gets incomparable support and care.

With Jensen, you make a major investment - in your health!

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