Janet Jackson first showed her baby

The singer has published in Instagram photo with a 3-month-old son.

"My pipsqueak and I after taking a nap," - signed Janet photo with a sweet yawning baby.

The five-time Grammy Award winner and her husband, a businessman from Qatar, Wissam al-Man, became parents on January 3 of this year. The boy was called Issa. The 50-year-old singer, it was the first child. The childbirth, despite the age far from youthful for the first maternal experience, as spokesman Janet told the press, was uneventful.

Janet Jackson first showed her baby
Photo: @janetjackson

But in the personal life of Janet complications could not be avoided - just the other day in the press there was information that she was breaking up with her 41-year-old spouse. According to us Weekly publication insiders, the reason for the gap is “the different styles of life of the spouses”. “Wissam wanted his wife to behave in the Muslim tradition,” adds the source. “They argued about this before the baby was born — Janet wanted more freedom.”

The marriage of a businessman and a singer lasted only five years, although until a secret wedding in 2012, the couple had been in a relationship for several years. Apparently, to agree on the degree of freedom Janet and Wissam did not succeed. No wonder - after 40 years of radical change of lifestyle, turning from an idol of thousands of fans around the world, into a submissive woman under a burqa, it is rather difficult. And Janet, it seems, decided that to anything.

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