It became known who will record the soundtrack to the new part of the bondiana

The 25th part of the bondian in terms of the soundtrack promises to be even more powerful than Skyfall! Rumors have leaked to the Web that producers are negotiating with ... Beyonce. She still does not comment, but Adel, as we remember, until the last kept her participation in the film project in great secrecy. And even when she was noticed in the recording studio, she assured her that she did not know who James Bond was! A good secret agent will come out of Beyonce: she also pretends that nothing happens, although she dreams of repeating Adele's success (as we remember, Skyfall brought the British singer Grammy and Oscar). In the collection Beyonce 20 "gramophones" (the first she received at age 19, still in the group Destiny's Child), but there is no gold statuette yet. And the new film about agent 007, which premieres is scheduled for November 2019, is a good opportunity to fix it.

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