Can I run with varicose veins?

Everyone wants to be slim and beautiful. This is especially important for the weak half of humanity, because beauty is what every woman aspires to. Slim body - one of the aspects of beauty. In order to be slim and fit girls run around in the morning, they attend fitness centers, that is, they do sports by any available means. What to do if on the way to your own perfection, you face such an unpleasant problem as varicose veins? And whether it is possible to run at varices?

To date, such a disease can be faced not only by people of solid age or women who have experienced maternity, but also very young girls. This ailment does not depend on age. According to statistics, more than 60% of women of all ages are prone to varicose veins.

When ugly violet veins appear on their feet, protruding, swollen veins are the true symptoms of varicose veins.

The blood in our body circulates throughout the body.It flows down to our feet and returns up under the effect of residual arterial pressure. When the leg muscles contract, they contribute to pushing the blood back to the main pump of the human body - the heart. A person himself often brings failure to the work of this perfect system. Careless treatment of the muscles can cause or worsen the problem of varicose veins.

Remember - for varicose veins running loads for long distances are contraindicated!

Running with loads can provoke such complications as thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, and if there are already complications, then you simply risk your life. When thrombophlebitis can not run, if a blood clot breaks off, there may be a blockage of the pulmonary artery.

However, light runs with varicose veins will not only do no harm, but will also be useful for maintaining muscle tone. Follow simple rules for safe and useful running:

1. Use a compression jersey. Medical compression hosiery is produced specifically for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis,thrombophlebitis and other types of lymphovenous insufficiency. It can be presented in the form of golf, stockings, tights and other varieties of products.

2. Do not run for long. You can only make light, short runs. While running, the muscles of the leg, contracting, help the blood to go back to the heart, eliminating venous stasis. However, long distances are still contraindicated.

Sport is not just running. There are many other training options that will be useful for people who are faced with similar problematic diseases. The best help for legs suffering from varicose veins is training in the pool. The density of water is 12 times higher than that of air; therefore, the pressure that it exerts on the human body prevents blood from stagnating. At the same time, being in the water, the person does not feel the immediate load on the legs.

Visiting the gym, combine strength training with cardio. Choose exercises that are performed in a sitting or lying position: swing your legs, “bike”, any exercises with your legs raised, stretching exercises. For cardiovasculars use an exercise bike with support on the back.Reliance allows you to pedal in a relaxed state minimizing the load. On the treadmill, only moderate "walking" is allowed.

If your soul requires collective training - choose not too intensive programs. Excellent yoga classes, pilates, streching, you can also consider options with Oriental and Latin American dances. Be sure to notify the coach about your problem, a good specialist will always adjust the program for your features. The first time is devoted to training no more than 30-40 minutes at a time. You can attend classes at least every day, but do not rush into the pool with your head. Your slogan is moderation in loads!

What categorically can not be done with varicose veins:

1. Active running, jumping. Prohibited any cardio, coupled with jumping or intense running. The steppe is contraindicated, any kind of martial arts, classical aerobics, dances like Irish or African.

2. The load on the legs. Not suitable for such sports, where you have to perform exercises standing: callanetics, choreography at the machine. Activities on the treadmill and elliptical trainer are limited.The usual exercise bike and stepper are forbidden to use.

3. Strength training. Squatting with sports equipment to lift weights such as barbells or dumbbells, deadlifts and lunges are excluded. In the presence of varicose veins can not lift a weight of more than 3-5 pounds.

These simple tips will help you fully engage in sports without harming your health. Do not deny yourself and your body in such pleasure. Moderate exercise will bring maximum benefits and will not harm, even with such a serious disease as varicose veins.

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