Irresponsible man

Irresponsible manIrresponsible man. People who live a healthy and busy life are attractive to others. Marriage is not a means to a better life. And you are unlikely to wish to become, for example, the eternal lifeguard of your companion. Why do you need such a scenario?


She complained that irresponsible men were harassing women’s lives. But in my opinion, the reason was in Trichet herself - it was her behavior that attracted irresponsible partners to her.


Usually it happened like this: Trisha met a young man, she liked him, and she went with him on a date. Trisha was beautiful - no wonder that the guy immediately lost his head. It must be said that Trisha’s opinion of himself was completely determined by the attitude of men towards her. If they ran after her, if they wanted her, she felt at her best. The attention and admiration of men gave her strength to life. Having received a dose of adoration from another fan and realized that she was desired, Trisha immediately took his attitude to herself for true love. She did not realize how groundless and quick her conclusions were.She instantly approached the elect, crossing all conceivable boundaries. In the depths of her heart, Trisha felt that she was falling in love too swiftly, but the heat of passion and the feeling of complete happiness clouded her mind.


So it went a few months. Then the picture changed. The guy slowly moved away, he called not so often anymore, and justified his inattention with employment and other excuses. Trisha was sad - she felt abandoned and unnecessary. At first she pouted, and then proceeded to decisively clarify the relationship. Trisha's friend regarded her actions as an attempt to control his life, and responded indignantly to her. Trisha, fearing losing a guy, retreated. There was nothing left for her anymore. She suffered.


Soon the end came: the boy left finally, telling his unfortunate friend that she was a great girl, but he really did not love her. How many times did Trisha hear these words! As a result, she came to the conclusion that men simply do not want to take on any responsibility.


I clearly saw this unhealthy pattern of behavior. In addition, I knew that it was easy to change. My task was to convey to Trisha the thought: the failures that pursue her in her personal life are not accidental.I needed her to understand: her tragedies are not an evil fate that plays a helpless and impotent girl. No, she directs each of her tragedies, and plays a major role in it. If Trisha realized her inclination to adapt to a man, to cling to him with all her might, she would be able to build boundaries in the relationship. Then Trisha would stop smothering partners with her attitude.


Trisha sought to merge with a man with weak borders. Naturally, she as a magnet attracted men without borders. They behaved accordingly: at first they showed themselves as a strong hero, and then retreated to get rid of control and repression on the part of the woman. If Tricia had followed a sober and meaningful line of conduct, the result would have been different. Moreover, men of another plan would begin to show interest in her. If a person has lined up boundaries of personal space, people are drawn to him, who also have everything in order with borders.


I can not explain how attraction is born between two people who saw each other for the first time.

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