Interesting ideas chic makeup for the New Year

Many women are familiar with the situation when the New Year is already on the threshold, the guests are about to knock on the door, and the hostess is not only not dressed, but did not even manage to remove the towel after the shower from her head. As a result, there is little time left, and you have to dress and make out in haste. Of course, there can not be any ideal way of speaking. That is why stylists recommend reading articles in online and glossy magazines in advance to find out which trends will prevail on this festive night.

We are ready to help you with this.

Special image for a special occasion

New Year, like Birthday, only once a year, so looking ordinary is just a crime. The host of 2017 is the Fire Rooster, and he is a bright and bold bird, so any experiments with make-up will be welcome. But the classics will also retain their fashionable positions.

Do not be afraid to look a little crazy, this will surely become your highlight and will have to please the owner of next year.

The main rule, which is to adhere to, regardless of the chosen image, to focus on one thing - lips or eyes.

Preparatory stage

Do not neglect this moment, because the result may be not at all as expected, or hold out for long. Therefore, before you start applying beautiful makeup, take care of your face. A few days before the celebration, it will not be superfluous to make the peeling so that the skin is fresh, and all the possible reddenings have passed. Do not forget about moisturizers, which will help prevent flaking.

Brovki house?

Now it's time to pay attention to the eyebrows. This season they should be thick and natural, so forget about tweezers and constant plucking. Better get a wax for modeling. By the way, if a few hairs at the base of the eyebrow remain stuck, not scary, it will give a special charm to your bow.

To dye your eyebrows you need a pencil that will be lighter than your hair, if you are the owner of a dark head of hear, and the tone is darker if nature has awarded you with bright curls.

Expressive eyes

They will become your main “chip” if you listen to make-up artists and choose one of the fashionable ideas - cat-eyes, arrows or bright eyeliner options.

Actual colors: red, sand, yellow, brown, purple, burgundy, gold and emerald.

Makeup artists advise to look at the unusual combinations of bright shadows, colored arrows and voluminous eyelashes. However, you can look more restrained, putting bright shades only in the corners of the eyes, and paint the rest of the surface of the eyelid with calmer shadows.

In the fashion for the New Year appear contrasting combinations: dark brown and blue, coral and sky blue. The usual black eyeliner can be replaced with gold or silver.

Those who are going to meet the holiday in an informal setting with friends or family can safely use the glitter in the form of glitter, sparkles and rhinestones.

Seductive lips

They, as before, greatly attract the attention of men. Here are some simple but very stylish ideas.

  1. Paint the entire lip area with a pastel-colored pencil, then apply lipstick and add a gloss effect with a transparent shine.
  2. Use the classic option - red lips.Choose a tone that is right for you, we advise in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  3. For those who are always in trend, you should choose one of the trendy shades of this season - plum, blackberry, eggplant colors.
  4. We advise lovers to experiment to look at the ombra, which can be quickly done using pencil and lipstick of different tones.

Several fashionable images

Now a little specifics. Here are a few ideas that will allow you to look solemn and stylish.

Mysteriousness and intrigue

Smoky eyes makeup has remained popular for several seasons in a row. Beautiful "smoky" eyes will be a great addition to the romantic image. Fatal women will have darker tones (black, gray, brown), and restrained girls will have pastel variations (light gray, sandy).

Do not forget to emphasize the eyelashes and give them volume, so the eyes will be even more expressive. For lips, choose a lipstick of neutral tones to balance the image.

Minimalism? No, naturalness!

If you celebrate a New Year's celebration in a restaurant, you can use the nude-style make-up, an example of which is shown in the photo.Its feature is simplicity and naturalness.

The emphasis is on skin, so it should look perfect. Remember that artificial light makes all defects very visible, so choose a masking tone and products with reflective particles. The latter will give the appearance of light shine and make the existing flaws less noticeable.

Many people mistakenly believe that only a beige-brown range of shades can be used for this style, but this is not at all the case. Your task is to choose unsaturated colors and carefully shade the shadows.

Pale lilac, green, brown, gray - they are all suitable for the image. Lipstick should be the most natural color - pink or light coral.

Add color!

Brave and fashionable girls should not be modest. The approaching New Year is a great opportunity to implement all your bold ideas in makeup. One of the most relevant trends is make-up called “bird wing”.

It provides for the underlining of the upper and lower eyelids, combining arrows with shadows. The outer corner is drawn in the form of an acute triangle, and the shadows are applied in three stages:

  • the lightest tone in the inner corner of the eye;
  • rich and bright shade - in the center of the century;
  • darker tone - closer to the outer corner.

For such make-up you can use bright tones - pink, light green, blue, blue, red and even orange. The right combination will make you truly irresistible.

Your New Year's image - a pledge of good mood and self-confidence. Do not spare the time and effort to prepare, and the New Year will bring only the most pleasant emotions.

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