Insomnia - causes and treatment of insomnia




Perhaps, for reasons of survival, the wake-up system of the body is easier to activate than the systems that cause sleep. Maybe this is one of the reasons why insomnia is such a common problem. It is also believed that many people who find it difficult to fall asleep do not suffer from insomnia. In fact, many people simply do not understand that they do not need to sleep so much, while others actually sleep, but very superficially and in such short periods that they do not even understand that they have slept. Finding that your body gets the amount of sleep it really needs would be a source of comfort for a person who cannot sleep by eliminating one of the possible sources of stress, which in itself can contribute to insomnia. Sometimes the best answer to insomnia is to just get up, drink a hot drink or have a light snack and calmly do something until you want to sleep again.The tension that is created by insomnia, most likely only strengthens it. In fact, the main cause of insomnia - it happens from time to time or regularly - it's just a fear that you can not fall asleep.


Insomnia - Causes



Causes of single insomnia include: feeling cold or too light a blanket; indigestion; excessive fatigue; excitation; nervousness; anxiety; pain or illness.


The causes of recurrent insomnia include: difficulty breathing in a supine position (for example, with heart or lung disease); improper diet, especially eating too much food, tea, or coffee before bedtime; the need to urinate in the middle of the night; noisy, stuffy or too hot bedroom; lack of exercise during the day; An attempt to sleep more than you need, as well as psychological factors - anxiety, emotional distress, overwork and depression. Insomnia is a common symptom of psychological stress. People do not sleep well because they cannot forget about their problems in bed. Insomnia increases the feeling of fatigue and tension, which in turn increases insomnia.


Insomnia - Treatment



It is best to try to cure insomnia naturally, without resorting to sleeping pills. First, try to ensure comfort before you go to bed: put on a comfortable nightgown, open a window, etc. Next, before going to bed, take a short walk or some exercise and take a warm bath. Drink hot milk (it is believed that milk contributes to the production of serotonin) and read, listen to the radio or watch TV until you fall asleep. The development of this kind of mode is useful for reconfiguring the mind to the idea of ​​a good night's sleep.


If you are forced to resort to sleeping pills, try the “natural” sleeping pills from healthy foods. It is better to resort to pharmaceutical drugs only in cases of serious and with sufficiently short-term external emotional disorders, such as acute sadness from the death of a loved one.

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