Innovative simplified way to accurately fold the sheet on an elastic band

Sheets on the elastic are extremely comfortable to use, but when the time comes for them to fold after washing, very often many hands drop, and then the sheets are crumpled in the far corner of the cabinet. This happened in the same house, until the head of the family took up the folding of the sheet. As a result, an innovative simplified method for an intricate procedure has appeared. A few simple movements, and before you a neatly folded sheet!

So lay the sheet on a large surface (bed) with seams up, stand at the long side of the sheet.

Slide the palm of your right hand into the corner of the sheet, then take the opposite corner and put it on the left palm too.

Do the same procedure on the right side, and here you have on both your palms the whole sheet.

Thoroughly stretch the sheet along the entire length, straightening your arms to the sides.

Now place the corners of the sheet with your left hand on the right.

Spread the edges of the sheet with your left hand.

Put a sheet on the bed

Align all sides

Wrap the side with rubber bands around the corner. With both hands grab the corners of the sheet and roll it.

Spread out

Now you can fold in half again, capturing the sheet with both hands in the middle of the canvas.

Align the folds.

You can fold again, put your hand inside the folded fabric.


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