Incredibly funny review of the trainer against wrinkles

What women just don't do to stay beautiful! Sometimes you have to do absolutely incredible things. The Internet is filled with video on which users make reviews of certain products that promise eternal youth and beauty. But this caused a real sensation.

Christie does not the first review on the Internet and has already managed to earn a lot of fans due to its immediacy and cheerful presentation. But the review of the simulator in the form of huge lips literally blew up the network.

Initially, Christie posted this video so that her subscribers learned about the properties of the product and could make their own purchase decision. But now most people watch the movie solely in order to cheer themselves up. The simulator called “Giant clown mouth” came without any instructions for use, and the girl had to search for them on the Internet.

Already at that moment, when Christie is considering the instructions for the simulator, her own face changes ... But the girl boldly continues her plans.Christie expressed doubt that in the colored silicone from which the simulator was made there are no harmful toxic substances. However, beauty is sometimes worth the risk!

Speaking in such a way that it was clear to the audience is also far from easy.

Christie admits to her viewers that she herself understands how disgusting she looks with this device in her mouth, but she has to continue. The instructions indicate that exercise with a simulator in the mouth should be done for three minutes. And she intends to go through!

The manufacturer of the simulator promises results in the case of regular use of the product. And Christie promises her subscribers to engage more often in order to express their opinion on the effectiveness of the exercises.

Christie received a lot of comments under this video. And even those who never thought about the need for gymnastics for the face, expressed interest in an unusual device.

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