In the regiment arrived: Intimissimi introduced new faces

You won't surprise anyone with ordinary commercials, so the Italian company decided to go ahead and launched the Empowered women project (“Inspiring Women”). Instead of beautiful models in lingerie, the brand shoots video stories of equally beautiful women with a bright personality.

A photo:press archive

The true beauty for Intimissimi is hidden inside; it, like underwear, should not be immediately visible. Therefore, the brand chose the individuals of the campaign with special care so that it was not only interesting to watch, but also to listen to them.

New faces Intimissimi became Gisele Bundchen and Chiara Ferrany. The first one introduced new criteria of harmony, improving the model's silhouette, and the second proved the powerful power of social networks. Thanks to Giselle, the term Übermodel appeared in the fashion world, and Chiarou in September 2017 recognized Forbes as the most influential figure in the fashion industry.

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