In Russia, will remove a remake of "Good Wife"

As you should know, most of the TV shows on our channels are remakes of successful Western projects! So it was with “Doctor House”, “Motherland”, “Ugly Betty”, “Luther” and many others. And now get ready, we are waiting for the Russian version ... of the legal drama "The Good Wife", about the wife of the Chicago prosecutor, who is forced to resume legal practice after her husband is embroiled in a sex scandal. The numerous Golden Globe nominee, an incredibly successful TV show, which ended this year in the seventh season, will be re-hosted by the film company Lean-M, a division of Sony Pictures Television.

There are few details yet: filming will begin in 2017, and the series will be released on the NTV channel. I wonder how the main roles are distributed - Alicia Florrick (which is originally played by the brilliant Julianna Margulis), Will Gardner (Josh Charles), Diane Lockhard (Christine Baransky), Ilaya Golda (Alan Cumming) and, of course, Peter Florica (Chris Nott) !! Do you think our version of The Good Wife has a chance of success?


If you do not believe in our series, then we have another news for you about “The Good Wife”: next year we will have a spin-off! This time the story will spin around Diana Lockhart! Not bad, huh ?!

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