If the child does not sleep at night

If the child does not sleep at nightInfants are almost always sleeping, and, as science proves, they see multi-colored dreams. For three months, the newborn has a 4-hour sleep cycle. And over time, parents can breathe with relief: their child, quietly snoring all night, sleeping in his crib. It often happens that a child cries, turns over, does not sleep for several hours at night. What is the reason and what to do, now let's figure it out.

What is the reason?

Perhaps, pain or colic in the stomach does not allow your baby to sleep peacefully, but you should not worry too much - everything should get better in 2-3 weeks, only sometimes it lasts up to 5 months. Talk to the leading pediatrician, he will certainly recommend you a good way to eliminate the pain and swelling of the tummy.
Teething is also a painful and painful procedure. Here you will come to the aid of gels with a cooling and soothing effect.
Sometimes restless sleep of the baby is the result of incorrect education, which leads to sleep disturbance.

How many children should sleep?

Exactly you will not be told how long the sleepy hour should last for children, the norms can only be guided by the formulation of the regime of the day. With age, the sleepy hour of babies decreases, for example: 18 hours a baby is sleeping until two months, 17 - from three to four months, 16 - from five to six months, 15 - from seven to nine, from ten to twelve months, sleep lasts about 12 hours. And so, up to two years, the time for sleeping is shortened to 10 hours, and by six years the baby sleeps 8-9 hours a day.
If the child does not sleep at night

Baby should fall asleep himself

This must be taught from the very beginning, from the first month of life. The habit of sleeping with mom on the arms has not yet been worked out, the crumb gets used to the bed more easily, and parents do not need to waste time and patience to teach their children of independence. But if you still taught the baby to hand, then you'll have to try. Put him in a crib, but do not leave, be near, shake it, sing a song or tell a fairy tale or just lie down next to it.
If the child does not sleep at night
It is unlikely that you will be able from the first time to teach him to be independent, but be unshakable. It is clear that the heart contracts with the crying of his child, but you need to have patience and pull yourself together.Very soon the baby will get used, and will sleep well.

Why children do not want or are afraid to fall asleep

Probably everyone in childhood was afraid of the dark, and this fear often becomes the reason that the crumb is afraid to fall asleep. Include a little nightlight, so as not to interfere, but at the same time illuminated the nursery.
If a child plays or is fascinated by something, then you do not want to go to sleep, so as not to say goodbye to your favorite toys or friends. When going to sleep, it is possible to give the baby a “protector” (a soft toy, blanket) to the baby who will protect his dreams.
Give your child cry. This applies to children from 4 months of age. If after laying in the bed the baby is crying, go to him, stroke him and calmly, gently and confidently explain that it is time to sleep. After that, leave the room and wait a few minutes. If the crying does not stop, go and talk to him again. And do this until he falls asleep.
If the child does not sleep at night
If the parents, the older brother or sister are still watching TV or are busy with something else and are not going to sleep yet, then the tiny crumb is tormented by a feeling of injustice: why do I lie down and they don’t?
If you see that your child is still very active and even not at all tired, then you should not try to lay him down yet. Give him another half hour, and then he will be asked to bed.
In any case, each child is an individual, and just try to find an approach to him.
If the child does not sleep at night
Think up a unique ritual of bedtime, and the baby will already know: if his mother bought it, changed into pajamas, then it’s time to go to bed. And do not forget about daytime sleep, it is also very important. It depends on how he will sleep at night. Day rest should be at one time, for example, from one o'clock to three.

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