33 Ideas unique fences. Create an oasis of privacy

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Dear readers of, we all know that the site begins with a fence. It primarily denotes the territory, and also allows you to protect yourself from the rest of the world and creates an oasis of solitude in the courtyard. We could not pass by this topic and want to share with you the ideas of simple fences that can be built independently, without filling the wallet of construction companies.

General tips for the construction of the fence on the summer cottage:

- Before starting construction of a fence, be sure to contact the organization responsible for marking the boundaries of the site.

- The fence should not be associated with a construction that defines your territory, it should also be an ornament of your site.

- Looking through master classes in fence construction, consider alternative materials. For example, some types of wood in one region may be inexpensive,and in others the price is simply transcendental. Do not blindly follow the instructions, they should inspire you to create your unique project.

- You should not build a huge fence in prisons or psychiatric clinics. To designate the boundaries of the site is quite nice decorative fencing.

- Remember that the fence should be combined with the concept of landscape design of the site, the structures on it and other details. The fence should fit into the big picture organically.

- When using power tools, be aware of safety measures.

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