I want to get pregnant with my second child from my ex-husband. He should not know - he is against.

Good afternoon! I divorced my husband 4 years ago, but still we remain partners in the vicinity, we have a common daughter - this year she will be 5 years old. I really want a second child from this man, but conversations with him did not lead to anything, in fact this is also one of the reasons for divorce (we have different views on family life). Talked to him and in marriage, and after a divorce, and with a drunk, and with a sober, and affectionately, and demanding))) In general - it is useless.

Tell me, please, if after our closeness there is a quick cum from the abdomen (he definitely won't notice, because he goes to the shower right away) to “put” into the vagina, is there any chance, at least theoretically, that I can get pregnant? The fact is that my daughter is my eighth pregnancy, I “flew” twice more after - from two different men last year and the year before, after one night with them - it was enough not to protect myself. I have no problem with this, pah-pah-pah.

a guest07.02.17 15:54

It is urgent to warn this unfortunate ...

a guest07.02.17 17:16

Only if you don’t immediately “put” you will hide it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will disappear

a guest20.03.17 15:21

Brad ... Are you okay with your head? These are kids, 8 pregnancies !!!!

a guest24.05.17 20:33

Why do you need it, I did not understand !!

Well, you want to understand. but I think that is not very honest this is all in relation to the man. The chances are there are theoretically, practically people cannot get pregnant for years for no apparent reason, so you cannot guess.

Believe me, here is a matter of chance, as you wrote a pregnancy in this way may not occur. Can make IVF with donor spermatozoon? I think in this case there will be less cheating. Well, or to find a new husband, with whom everything will be arranged, in general there are many options, but your idea is strange. I can advise you to go to the Blue-stone, his family is also called, helps to find a couple and get pregnant too. To be a pebble in the courtyard of the clinic Altravita.

and then what will be just interesting. Well, you get pregnant from him again, give birth to another child.

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