I had a dream in a deer dream

Most often in the dream book deer foreshadows good luck, happiness and mutual understanding. If in a dream a person took part in a deer hunt, such dreams have an unfavorable interpretation.

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What dreams of a deer
What dreams of a deer

Female dream book

If young people see a deer in a dream, it speaks of their deep and pure friendship. For married people, this dream foreshadows a serene and peaceful life. To kill an animal in a dream is a bad sign. This warns you that your business will fail, or you will have serious conflicts with your enemies. To dream of a little fawn is a good omen. Such a dream promises you friendship with reliable and honest people. If a girl or boy sees such a dream, they will find true love that will be mutual.

Dream for the whole family

To dream of a deer that runs straight at you means difficulties coming to you. If in a dream a deer ran away from you, wait out of the ordinary events in your place of residence.

The dream of the witch Medea

Why dream of a deer young girl - to a new boyfriend, who can become the bridegroom. In other cases, this animal foreshadows happiness and good luck.

French dream book

To dream of a herd of deer is a good sign. This suggests that your family will be replenished with new members. To kill an animal is to success in business. If the animal in the dream was aggressive and rushed at you, wait for the misfortune.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Reindeer in a dream - you have true friends. If you are driving a reindeer team, your friends are honest and loyal people. They will never leave you in a moment of misfortune. If the animal has run, well-being awaits you. If a deer stands still, you will have to do a thankless job. If the animal is sleeping, someone will hold you.

Esoteric dream book

If a girl saw in a dream a deer with magnificent horns, she will have a bridegroom. For a woman, such a dream promises the appearance of a lover. Most likely that after such a dream, a man quarrel with his wife.

Gypsy dream book

If a pregnant woman sees in a dream a beautiful baby deer, she will have a wonderful boy. Kill a deer in a dream - to obtain a hereditary share.If you pursue a deer, but you cannot catch up with it in any way, you are in vain looking for happiness.

Summer dream

The dreamed newborn fawn foreshadows you that you will work hard to raise your children with worthy people. If a girl has a dream of a deer with big horns, she will have a boyfriend, whom she will quickly dismiss.

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